Evil husband who strangled wife claims she mouthed ‘I love you’ with last breath

With the plentiful warm, sunny days in Perth, Australia, it made sense for a young family to want to have somewhere to cool off in their back garden.

Ahmed Dawood Seedat had hired a local landscape gardener to dig a hole in his back garden in preparation for a swimming pool for his two children aged two and five.

It was August 2018 and with summer coming, the timing couldn’t have been better.

Ahmed, 37, and his wife Fahima Yusuf, 32, had been married for eight years.

South African-born Ahmed was an accountant, while Fahima, who was originally from the UK, loved raising their two children.

They lived a quiet life in their suburban home, but that didn’t mean there wasn’t plenty going on behind closed doors.

Ahmed had grown tired of his wife and said he wasn’t attracted to her any more.

It had led him to regularly visit a prostitute over a long period of time, and there were allegations that he was using his clients’ money to pay for his appointments.

Ahmed liked to gamble too, and although he wasn’t very lucky, he seemed to have an infinite amount of cash.

But there was something he didn’t have that he really wanted – Fahima’s sister.

Ahmed had developed a fascination with the sibling, who never saw their relationship as anything but brother and sister.

In August, while the hole in the back garden was being dug, the pair sent thousands of messages to each other.

For Fahima’s sister, it was purely platonic.

For Ahmed, each message was a step closer to him winning her over.

Then on 1 September, it seemed Fahima had opened the door for them both.

Ahmed sent a message to Fahima’s sister saying his wife had left him.

She rushed round to comfort him.

Strangely, he told friends and neighbours a different story.

He said Fahima had gone to have eye surgery back in the UK.

When Fahima’s family voiced their concerns that she’d simply upped and left her children, which was extremely out of character, they received a call from a man claiming to be from the police.

The man told Fahima’s father that Ahmed had filed a missing person’s report.

It was meant to reassure them that their daughter’s disappearance was being looked into, but it wasn’t true.

The man who had called was a friend of Ahmed’s, who was impersonating a police officer.

Body in a shallow grave

On 4 September, Fahima’s family reported her missing.

With so many suspicions around her disappearance, they started asking Ahmed some confronting questions.

Almost straight away he crumbled under the pressure and made a shocking confession.

He led investigators to where his wife was – in a shallow grave in the back garden.

Her body was found under soil in the hole that was supposed to be for a family pool, right by the toys belonging to the two children who would never see their mum again.

He also showed the police the murder weapon – a wheel brace.

Ahmed was arrested and charged with his wife’s murder, while all hope was lost for Fahima’s devastated family.

Along with the confession, investigators worked out that Ahmed had murdered his wife on 31 August 2018, as their children slept in their bedrooms nearby, before burying her in their back yard.

Shockingly, it was also clear that Ahmed had been planning to kill her for weeks.

He had made several disturbing searches online including ‘cremating a body’ and ‘the best place to knock someone out’, as well as how to bury someone alive.

Ahmed had also looked up, ‘Can you marry your brother-in-law if your sister is a dead Muslim?’

That search gave some suggestion of a motive – with Fahima dead, he had planned on seeing through his obsession to be with his wife’s sister.

Choked to death

Ahmed said he’d struck his wife with a wheel brace as she slept.

Fahima wasn’t knocked out straight away and she woke up, but was dazed by the huge blow to her head and was easily overpowered.

Ahmed then choked or suffocated her to death and admitted that, as the life drained out of her, Fahima mouthed, ‘I love you’.

They would be her final words.

Ahmed then dragged her body outside to bury her in the hole that had been made days earlier.

Fahima’s cause of death remained undetermined, but she’d suffered lacerations to her head and body and had sand in her mouth but not in her airways, suggesting she was most likely dead when she was buried.

But that didn’t make her final moments any less brutal.

It was a savage attack that would have come out of nowhere.

In January this year, Ahmed pleaded guilty to murdering Fahima.

His lawyer said he wasn’t attracted to his wife any more and ‘couldn’t meet her unrealistic demands’.

They tried to suggest he had ‘lost it’ on the night of her death when she became ‘sexually aggressive’.

It was a theory quickly dismissed by the prosecution who outlined the shocking internet history leading up to Fahima’s murder.

It suggested a great deal of planning that also involved the hole being dug in the back garden.

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