Expert reveals: How to make your bedroom feel like a five-star hotel

How to achieve that ‘five-star hotel’ feel in your bedroom according to a luxury hotel manager – and why it’s time to DITCH your fitted bed sheet

  • A hotel manager has shared her top tips to make your bedroom feel luxurious
  • Kate Henderson, manager at Daffodil Hotel in the UK, revealed her hotel secrets
  • Her suggestion include ditching your fitted sheet and enveloping pillowcases
  • As well as spritzing bedding with water, adding a throw and laying out towels
  • Ms Henderson said clean windows, mirrors and floors gives a room a hotel-feel

A hotel manager has revealed her six top tips to give your bedroom a five-star luxury feel. 

Kate Henderson, duty manager at the Daffodil Hotel in England’s Lake District, shared her tricks for preparing your bed to have a luxurious night’s sleep.

Her suggestions include ditching the fitted sheet, getting rid of wrinkles in your bedding, laying out your towels and pyjamas and even putting a chocolate on your pillow. 

Kate Henderson, duty manager at the Daffodil Hotel in England’s stunning Lake District, shared her top six tips and tricks to give your bedroom a five-star hotel feel

1. Forget the fitted sheet

You will never see a fitted sheet in a hotel – they’re a pain to fold and the elastic can wear quickly. 

Ms Henderson suggests ditching the fitted sheet altogether for a flat sheets and using the ‘hospital fold’. 

For a hospital fold, Ms Henderson said to lift the edge of the sheet to for a 45-degree angle with your mattress then pull and tuck the hanging fabric underneath.  

2. Relax any unwanted wrinkles 

To smooth out your sheets, Ms Henderson suggests spritzing some fragranced water over your bedding. 

Before you’ve finished making the bed, spray some fragranced water or just regular tap water over the sheets and duvet and shake them out until smooth and wrinkle free. 

3. Envelope your pillowcases

Ms Henderson suggests ditching your fitted sheet for flat sheets, relaxing unwanted wrinkles with a spritz of water, enveloping your pillowcases and adding a throw

Ms Henderson said pillows are crucial when making your bed.

Many pillowcases are too big for the pillows so the hotel manager recommends enveloping your pillowcases to make them fit neatly. 

Push the excess material inside the pillowcase from the opening then grab the other side and fold the remaining material inside to form a neat envelope shape. 

You can also add two pillows to one case, if possible, for extra plump.  

4. Add a throw 

To finish your bed, Ms Henderson suggests laying a folded throw to the foot of the bed and give everything a final spritz with water. 

For an added five-star hotel touch, you can also treat yourself with a chocolate on the pillow for a pre-snooze snack.  

DIY fragranced linen spray 

What you’ll need 

 30 drops of essential oil

1.5 cups of distilled water

 90ml of vodka

Spray bottle 


1. Mix water and vodka in jar, screw the lid on and shake to combine

2. Add the oil and shake again util all ingredients are combined

3. Pour the mixture into your spray bottle 

Where to use 

Spray on a freshly made bed for a perfect finishing touch

Spray on towels, allow to dry and store away 

Refresh musty wardrobe or linen cupboard

Spritz the sofa and cushions

Use it around the home as an air freshener

Spray after cooking to get rid of lingering food odors   

Source: Homes to Love  

5. Lay out your linen 

For a touch of luxury, lay out your personal linens like pyjamas and towels on your bed.

Ms Henderson said this way when you’re ready for your bath or shower you have everything prepared.  

For added luxury, she said to lay out pyjamas and towels before a bath or shower and focus on keeping your windows, mirrors and floors clean

6. Keep your mirrors, floors and windows sparkling

When it comes to five-star housekeeping, Ms Henderson said clean mirrors, windows and floors are the three factors that can make a world of difference. 

Ms Henderson said your vacuum is your best friend when it comes to cleaning your bedroom and suggests, if you have carpet, to hoover in specific lines as if mowing the lawn. 

Be sure to also vacuum any sofas, chairs, cushions, rugs and even blinds to keep your room dust-free.   

Spray watered down vinegar or lemon spray on mirrors, windows, tiles and reflective surfaces then wash down with water and wipe away. 

For a streak-free finish, Ms Henderson uses a cotton or microfibre cloth to buff in a circular motion.  

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