Experts reveal how to nail a job interview or first day

How to make a great first impression: Employers reveal tricks for nailing a job interview and your first day of work

  • A leadership coach has revealed how to make a long-lasting first impression 
  • Vanessa Fudge told SEEK it’s important to develop ’emotional intelligence’ skills
  • Matching your energy to others and find mutual interests is essential  

Whether you’re about to head into a job interview or start a new role, it’s important to make a long-lasting first impression. 

Leadership Coach and psychologist Vanessa Fudge told Australian recruitment company SEEK developing ’emotional intelligence’ can boost your ability make a great impression on others.

Ms Fudge suggested matching your energy to the room, paying attention when others are speaking and finding mutual interests between co-workers.

Leadership Coach and psychologist Vanessa Fudge suggested three ’emotionally intelligent’ ways to boost your skills and impress potential employees

Match your energy to the room

When walking into a job interview or new office, experts suggest matching your energy to the person or people in the room.

This simply implies adjusting your behaviour rather than who are you as a person to ensure the energy levels and body language matches the mood.

For instance, consider whether the room is a formal or casual setting based on postures, language used and eye contact.

How can you make a good first impression when you meet someone new?

* Be mindful of personal body space, you don’t want to run up to someone and kiss them if they don’t want that 

* Don’t stand so far away that you need to raise your voice to speak

* Treat the person like you would treat a friend 

* Master small talk by speaking to them about themselves and their accomplishments – people love talking about themselves

* If the conversation is drying up, excuse yourself to ‘go to the bathroom’ or to ‘get some food’

* Dress in an outfit that makes you feel confident as the brain is wired to behave based on how you feel in a look

* Stand tall, never have your arms folded and have a ‘pleasant disposition’ 

It can be hard to pinpoint when the greeting can be changed to something more intimate, such as a kiss on the cheek, in a relationship.

There’s always a tipping point in a relationship where you’ll be more relaxed which will dictate this but it’s up to the woman when that is.

This is because it can seem predatory if the man decides when the hug and kiss is ‘comfortable’. 

Focus your attention to the person speaking

Regardless if you’re speaking to a potential employer or new co-worker, Ms Fudge said it’s important to focus on the person speaking and listening to what they’re saying.

She recommends removing distractions from your gaze, such as phones, and avoid interruption.

This will ensure the person knows you’re interested in what they are saying and encourage detailed discussion. 

Find mutual interests

After starting a new position, finding common interests gives you the opportunity to talk about something you enjoy with co-workers and develop greater connections.

This can be done by asking questions about the other person and show interest in their passions or hobbies.

This type of emotional intelligence can also help develop friendships at work.

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