Experts reveal the secrets behind the Queen's ageless beauty

How the Queen stays looking youthful at 93: Experts reveal the monarch’s clever beauty tricks including blush high on the cheekbones, bold lipstick and a signature hairstyle

  • The Queen, 93, is often praised for her impeccable style and ageless beauty
  • But now experts have revealed how she is able to maintain her looks in her 90s
  • Pointed to her love of bold lipsticks, placement of blusher and classic hair cut 

The Queen is often praised for her impeccable style and ageless beauty at the age of 93, and unlike many women in the public eye, she’s certainly never resorted to surgery to maintain her looks. 

But while the monarch has aged gracefully, she’s certainly not against using a few tricks to stay looking fresh. 

According to The Telegraph the Queen has several clever beauty techniques in order to stay looking young, from maintaining her classic hairstyle and colour, to make-up tricks such as donning bright lipstick and blush high on her cheeks. 

Experts who spoke to FEMAIL pointed to the royal’s healthy hair for encouraging a natural ‘glow’, while others pointed to the way the royal’s ‘fluffy’ eyebrows framed her face. 

Experts have revealed the secrets to the Queen’s ageless beauty, pointing to her staple bold lipstick and her light hair as key parts of her style 

‘Light-reflective’ hair 

The Queen has long embraced her natural hair colour and hasn’t dyed her hair for almost decades.  

The Queen’s light reflective natural colour transition elevates her look, granting it grace and radiance.

Hairstylist James Johnson suggested that maximising the hair’s shine and keeping it  looking healthy was key to maintaining a youthful look.

He said: ‘Royalty or not, the hair is the main accessory you wear everyday. Keeping your hairstyle youthful, maximising the shine and keeping your hair looking healthy isn’t something only to be achieved on your salon visits. 

He added: ‘The Queen is a great role model for always having immaculate hair. Despite your hair changing texture and loosing other characteristics you probably had within your hair as you age, there’s many things you can do give your hair longevity and the youthful look just like the queen does. 

‘Looking after your hair will encourage a natural healthy glow – however if you are opting for maximum heat usage, a heat protection spray along with hair treatments can help replenish any damage lost through styling.’ 

Classic hairstyle

In finding a classic hairstyle that stands the test of time and still looks fashionable, the Queen manages to maintain an ageless look.

The royal has stuck with a cropped set-and-curl style since childhood, keeping her style elegant yet natural and neat. 

By finding a cut and style that suits her, the Queen has been able to maintain and adapt the look as she has aged.          

Salon owner Krysia Eddery revealed: ‘When we think of the Queen, her classic hairstyle comes to mind and has become an iconic look for her throughout the years.’

‘Finding your signature look and remaining loyal to this is a great way to remain ‘ageless’.’

She explained: ‘If your hair remains constant in your appearance it becomes part of your identity and therefore difficult to define in timelines etc. as you are known for always rocking that signature style. 

‘The Queen’s classic hairstyle frames her face beautifully and no matter what outfit or beauty look she chooses, her hair always compliments it beautifully as it synonymous with her.’

Krysia Eddery, owner of Perfectly Posh Hair, suggested the Queen’s signature hairstyle meant she had remained classic and stylish for years  

A bold and bright lipstick

The Queen’s love of bright colours is often praised by royal fans, with the royal almost always opting for bold styles in her wardrobe.

The preference is also reflected in her love of lipstick, with the royal often snapped wearing a pop of bold colour on her lip. 

Beauty expert at Procoal Jessica Constanti revealed the Queen’s choice of a ‘cool toned’ colour boosted her complexion and made her teeth appear whiter.   

She revealed: ‘Her Royal Highness always looks striking in a bold lip, not only is it her signature look but she cleverly opts usually for a cool toned colour, this not only suits her complexion, but it actually makes teeth appear whiter. 

‘Yellow teeth have more of a negative effect on anyone’s face and can significantly age you.’

She added: ‘The Queen has been able to add some health and vibrancy to her face by notably investing in her oral hygiene and a fabulous collection of lipsticks.’    

High sweep of blusher 

Royal fans often praise Her Majesty for her rosy cheeks and radiant glow, but now experts have revealed the placement of her blusher assists with an anti-ageing style.

Jessica revealed that the placement of blusher on the apples of the cheeks could give the illusion of more pronounced cheekbones, and create a contouring effect that slims the face and gives a healthy glow. 

She said: ‘The placement of blusher makes an enormous impact on your face. 

‘Applying blusher to the apples of your cheeks may seem a good idea to give you a flush of health, however Her Majesty is clearly aware of the downfall of doing this once you are over a certain age.’

She went on: ‘Instead her blusher placement is higher onto the cheekbones closer to the outer corner of her eyes. 

‘By placing the blush here there is the illusion of a lifted face, a great and simple way of drawing the eye higher up the face giving it a more youthful appearance.’ 

Jessica pointed to the Queen’s ‘full and fluffy’ eyebrows as a key part of her ageless beauty routine 

Flawless base 

The Queen maintains a traditionally classic, but surprisingly natural, base for her makeup.  

Stacey Whittacker, an award winning makeup artist, revealed: ‘Allowing your skin to shine through any makeup is important when trying to appear youthful. 

‘If you apply too much makeup this can mask your skins natural beauty and look ‘caked on’.

She added: ‘The Queen opts for a lighter base which is still flawless but in a manner which allows her natural glow to show through.’

Fluffy and full eyebrows 

Jessica also pointed to the Queen’s eyebrows as helping to frame the royal’s features, explaining: ‘HRH has a splendid set of brows, they are full and also a shade or two darker than her hair colour. 

‘By doing this her face is framed adding uniform and adding definition to the rest of her features.’

She added: ‘Many older ladies feel the need to draw their brows on in shades that are too dark for their faces making them appear harsh, however the Queen has maintained a fluffier appearance to her brows which is a much more natural and youthful look.’ 

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