Father fires confetti cannon into his crotch during gender reveal

Oh baby, that’s gotta hurt! Gender reveal goes painfully wrong when the father accidentally fires a confetti canon into his crotch

  • Gemma Bayliffe Newby, from Manchester, decided to film her big gender reveal
  • She was joined by her husband Oliver and their daughter, who wants a sister
  • But the reveal quickly went wrong when Oliver couldn’t work the confetti cannon
  • Oliver fired the cannon straight at his groin and rolled up on the floor in agony 

A father was left rolling around on the floor in agony after he accidentally fired the confetti cannon straight into his crotch during a gender reveal at home. 

Gemma Bayliffe Newby, from Manchester, filmed her husband Oliver and their young daughter as they excitedly announced the sex of their second child.

In a video recorded by Gemma and shared on YouTube, Oliver is seen struggling with the party canon containing blue confetti before blasting it between his legs, prompting him to double over with pain.  

Gemma Bayliffe Newby, from Manchester, decided to record her gender reveal with her husband Oliver and their young daughter (above) – but things quickly began to go awry

In an amusing video, Oliver tries to pop the confetti cannon to reveal if they are having a boy or a girl, but accidentally holds the cannon the wrong way and fires it at his crotch (above)

His daughter, holding the bunch of blue balloons, immediately starts howling with laughter at her father’s pain before running around him in complete delight. 

Gemma shared the video on YouTube with the caption: ‘From start to finish, everything that could go wrong definitely did. Watch until the end! It has everything; suspense, comedy, and tears.’ 

At the start of the video, Gemma asks her daughter if she wants a younger brother or sister, saying: ‘What do you think the baby is? You think it’s a girl, shall we find out?’  

After their daughter counts down from three, Oliver tries to pop the confetti cannon but cannot figure out how it works. At the same time Gemma releases a box of blue balloons, revealing they are having a son.  

In his struggle to release the party canon, Oliver turns the party canon around the wrong way and moments later it fires straight into his groin.  

The hilarious footage shows Oliver double over in agony before curling up into a ball on the living room floor, shouting: ‘Oh s**t!’ 

Oliver doubles up on the floor in complete agony while his daughter, holding the bunch of blue balloons, starts howling with laughter before hilariously throwing confetti on top of him

Mother Gemma filmed husband Oliver (pictured) as their gender reveal plan backfired

Gemma joins in with her daughter’s hysterical laughter as her daughter begins throwing confetti over Oliver, who is still doubled up in agony. 

After Tom recovers from the painful blast to the crotch, the family then start celebrating the exciting moment, asking her daughter what the blue balloons mean.

The young girl insists that it means she is having a younger sister, before Oliver and Gemma have to correct her and joyfully tell her she is having a brother.

But their daughter’s laughter comes to a crashing halt and she immediately bursts into floods of tears, shouting: ‘I didn’t want a boy! I wanted a girl!’

She adorably storms across the room in tears as her parents try to convince her that ‘it’s OK because Peppa Pig has got a brother’ too, but the young girl remains unconvinced.  

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