Friends Forever? Meri Brown Celebrates Friendship with Robyn Brown, But 'Sister Wives' Fans Warn Her to Watch Out

Sister Wives fans have been speculating for months that first wife Meri Brown is on the outs with her extended family. For one, there was some pretty obvious tension between Kody Brown’s four wives during the last season of the show. Plus, Meri seems to be intent on doing her own thing apart from the rest of the family. She’s started a bed and breakfast in Utah, is running on a successful LuLaRoe business, and went on a solo vacation to the Caribbean. And some fans are definitely thrilled with the idea that she might be getting ready to kick husband Kody to the curb.

But some recent Instagram posts suggest that Meri isn’t really feuding with the rest of her plural family. First, there were photos of all the sister wives out to dinner with Kody. Then, there was a big family trip to Disneyland. And now, she’s sharing some kind words about Kody’s newest wife Robyn. 

Meri calls Robyn a friend

While Kody is spiritually married to four women, he can only be legally married to one person. For years, that person was Meri. But in 2014, he divorced Meri and legally married Robyn in order to adopt her kids from a previous relationship. While the decision made sense for the family, Sister Wives fans now think that Kody is snubbing his other wives in favor of Robyn, which is causing tension. 

But a recent Instagram post from Meri seems intent on dispelling those rumors of a feud between the wives. The 48-year-old mom of one shared a photo of her and Robyn smiling together on a recent trip to Chicago, where Meri’s daughter Mariah lives.

“Everyone needs someone who has her back, who she can call friend, who she can trust, yes, even when she creeps up on you in a dark alley in Chicago. 😊 I’ll keep her….” Meri wrote.

Fans give Meri a warning

Meri and Robyn seem to be in a good place in their relationship right now, but Sister Wives fans had a warning for the older woman: Don’t trust Meri.

A number of people commented on the post, saying that they didn’t like Robyn and that they found her “sneaky.” One person called the younger wife “passive aggressive and manipulative.”

However, others praised the two women for setting aside any differences they might have. “I’m glad to see Meri happy again,” wrote one. “Love seeing you two getting over the past,” another chimed in.

We’ll likely learn more about the status of Meri and Robyn relationship during the next season of Sister Wives. While TLC has not officially renewed the show, cameras have been spotted filming the family. That suggests that Season 14 is in the works.  But the last two seasons of the show have premiered in January, so we’ll probably have to wait until early 2020 to find out what really happens. Stay tuned!

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