Geoff Mcfetridge Plays With Repetition in "These Days Are Nameless" Exhibition

Copenhagen’s V1 Gallery will soon host a new body of work by Los Angeles-based artist, Geoff McFetridge. Titled “These Days are Nameless,” the presentation will feature vivid, acrylic on canvas works portraying the artist’s signature, faceless figures in bold forms and arrangements. The show is “A poetic reflection about time, thoughts, community, individuality and shared feelings without words through a new series of competent paintings,” said the gallery in a statement.

McFetridge is widely-known for his graphic compositions filled with fine lines and bold colors that often toy with repetition and perspective. The artist champions simplicity across his paintings that portray human figures, body parts, objects, shapes and creatures in a distinct, pared-down color palette. Oftentimes, the artist reconstructs familiar figurations to create abstract forms to explore or revise the definitions of the subjects featured.

One of the highlighted works is in his upcoming show is a piece entitled A Visible Mantra 2020 that portrays six individuals laying beside each other — and while two couples in the composition are observed communicating with one another, these is a noticeable pair to the left of the painting that appear to be in some conflict as one of their backs is turned against the other.

The gallery described the exhibition in a poem, below:

We filled the room
With what we thought would be most useful

The substance of living
It took the shape of the walls

And went to the height of the ceiling

Like a train that has grown to the length of its tracks

Check out select paintings from “These Days are Nameless” in the slideshow above and then visit V1 Gallery’s website for more information. The show will run from October 24 to November 21.

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V1 Gallery
Flæsketorvet 69
Copenhagen 1711
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