German Police Hunt for Hit-and-Run Driver Using 6-Year-Old Witness Drawings

She might’ve gotten away with it too…

Photo evidence can be pretty damning in a crime — but an artist’s impression can be just as helpful.

Police in Germany are on the hunt for a hit-and-run driver, and have issued pictures of the misdeed in progress… drawn by six year-olds.

Investigators in the city of Hamm claim a woman in a black vehicle smashed into a barrier outside Overberg School in Bockum-Hövel before speeding off.

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And she might have escaped police attention too — if it weren’t for pesky kids Luisa, Romy, Celina and Luis, who saw the whole thing happen.

After watching the accident unfold, they told their teacher, who in turn informed the police.

Celina and Luis were both able to sketch the crime, which became an official part of the investigation file, and were issued by police in an effort to track the fugitive down.

While the children swear the driver was blonde, she certainly appears to have rocked a brunette look in both drawings.

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According to Luis — who gave considerably more detail to his shocked self-portrait than the actual driver — the accused at least had her headlights on at the time of the crash, although visibility was undoubtedly marred by the tiny windshield of her peanut-shaped tank.

Celina’s picture meanwhile is the more damning of the two, as it clearly shows the driver’s foot stamping on the accelerator through the car’s transparent doors as she rams down the barrier.

Celina also managed to capture the moment a nearby adult flipped the dangerous driver off.

Hamm Police said the children deserved “special praise” for their crime-stopping efforts.

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