Girl mates whack one another in the genitals when they least expect it in bizarre ‘p***y slap’ challenge video

A BIZARRE new trend is shocking the web as girls smack their friends in the privates when they aren't expecting it.

The weird new game originated in Australia with two girls filming themselves out and about together.

One would then slap the other between the legs while yelling "P***y slap!" when they weren't prepared to take the hit.

In some instances this just resulted in a screech but at other times the girl would be bent double in pain from the surprise striking.

It appears no time is off limits for the pair, who have filmed "p***y slap" videos in the public shopping mall, while out jogging and even in the bathroom in underwear.


The trend was effectively started by a group of "Insta-famous" girls in Australia – the "eighty83three".

Made up of Brooke, Isabelle, Alyssa, Jade, Helen, Amanda and Korinna, the stunning girls have gained a following of over 37,000 on Instagram by posting snaps of them posing as well as some of their notorious videos.

Viewers of the video were torn between amazement and bewilderment.

One commenter said: "Why would you?!"

While another said: "wtf? i love eighty83three girls but this is so stupid."

But others found it hilarious, Instagram user crownleyian said: "Hahahahaha that's hilarious!"

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