Heres How Jim Carrey Spends His $180 Million Fortune

Jim Carrey was only twelve-years-old when his father lost his job, and the family had to live in a rental van while trying to earn money. At the age of fifteen, Carrey became a stand-up comedian and charmed audiences with his natural humor and uncanny impersonations. He performed at various clubs in Toronto before moving to Los Angeles to pursue his dreams. While gaining recognition with the comedic sketch show In Living Color, he debuted in the film Ace Ventura: Pet Detective, which increased his popularity. Ever since, the star has worked in a series of comedies and became the first actor in Hollywood to earn $20 million for the comedy film The Cable Guy. Over the years, the actor amassed more than $300 million through acting and back-end earnings.

Jim spent his fortune buying real estate, traveling in private jets, and engaging in his hobbies. So, let’s look at how Jim Carrey spends his millions.

8 Real Estate

While being a Canadian native, the star has lived in Los Angeles since he began actively pursuing roles in Hollywood. He has made limited and sensible investments over the years, and one of his biggest purchases was a home in Malibu he bought for $9.75 million in 2002. According to Huffington Post, it is located in a gated community of Malibu Colony and features five bedrooms and five-and-a-half bathrooms. The Master Suite has an ocean-front view, and outdoors has a dining area with a deck and a BBQ station.

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7 Car Collection

A gearhead who loves adding cars to his collection, Jim’s most notable cars are the Mercedes-AMG SL63 and the Porsche Panamera. Carrey’s silver Mercedes has a $154,450 price tag and is equipped with a well-built 6.2-liter V8 engine that generates 720 HP and prances from 0 to 62 MPH in just 3.9 seconds. The Porsche Panamera has a rear-wheel transmission and is one of the most popular cars produced by Porsche. It has a retail price of $189,900. The actor is regularly seen taking his Porsche out for a drive for dinner and running errands in LA.

6 Private Jet

Some of the highest-paid celebrities in the world like to travel in style, and Carrey is no different. As noted by Robb Report, the actor owns a stunning Gulfstream V jet that he purchased for $59 million. It is one of the highest-performing and safest private jets globally and can seat 16 people. The Gulfstream jet is extremely coveted as only 100 jets are actively in service today. When Carrey is not using the jet, he lents it as a charter aircraft for other people to use hourly.

5 Rental Yachts

There is no celebrity vacation in the sea complete without a private yacht, and while the actor does not own one, he has rented yachts in the past to spend time with his family and friends. In 2003, he traveled with his friends to Europe around the Balearic Islands in the Golden Odyssey Yacht. The superyacht is owned by a Saudi Prince and was newly renovated in 2015 by Martin Francis. It features sixteen cabins that can accommodate thirty-two guests at once.

4 Expensive Gifts

The actor may play a villain in Sonic 2, but Jim made a generous gesture to appreciate the hard work of the cast and crew of the movie. To commemorate the wrapping of the film, he arranged a raffle contest for a $40,000 Chevrolet Blazer RS he purchased. As mentioned by Daily Mail, the winner was selected around the film’s release date, and a camera operator from the crew won the car.

3 Vacations

An Ontario native, Carrey does not hesitate to spend his free time in his hometown. The country and its stunning scenic views have attracted many celebrities to purchase cottages. Carrey uses his downtime to relax in the cottage-style house he purchased on Baptiste Lake in Canada. While he doesn’t vacation much anymore, the actor would travel to Spain and Portugal to enjoy time away from his then-busy filming schedule in the late-90s.

2 Hobbies

The star has always been fascinated with painting, and it wasn’t until the 2017 documentary short I Needed Color that he revealed his artworks and his love for painting, as reported by People. He has shared that the paintings have helped him connect deeper with his inner life. He initially began sketching to escape dark times in his life and later began painting which he enjoyed.

1 Philanthropy

Knowing the value of hard-earned money since the actor spent a few years of his life in a rental van, Carrey has always stepped forward for people who need help. His first generous act of donation dates back to 2001, when he donated $1 million from his movie salary to the victims of the 9/11 attacks. In 2015, he donated another $1 million to the victims of the terror attacks that occurred in Paris.

While spending money on luxuries, Jim Carrey has also spent millions helping the people in need. The actor has cashed big paychecks for his acting roles and entertaining the audiences for several years. He is still pursuing acting and was last seen starring as Dr. Robotnick in Sonic The Hedgehog 2, released in April 2022.

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