Hightown Finale Preview: Leslie Asks Jackie Out For A Drink After Frankies Arrest

Jackie is riding high after helping arrest Frankie Cuevas, and Leslie asks Jackie to grab a drink with her after work to celebrate in this EXCLUSIVE preview of the ‘Hightown’ season 2 finale.

Frankie Cuevas is behind bars, and Jackie is the one who helped put him there. Leslie catches Jackie in the locker room before work in this EXCLUSIVE preview of the Hightown season 2 finale. Jackie makes a note about a speech on TV about Frankie’s arrest and says, “We’re the f**king sh*t.”

Leslie replies, “Yeah, we are. You should be proud. You ain’t been full-time a month, and you already made the case of a lifetime. I’m so jealous I could die.”

A confident Jackie says, “I do what I do.” Leslie tells Jackie that they should “grab that drink tonight. Get a bite or something to celebrate.”

Jackie tries to remain calm, cool and collected over Leslie’s ask. “Yeah, we should,” Jackie says. Given their history, this is a step in the right direction.

Hightown has been building to the season 2 finale, and there have been a number of game-changing twists and turns thrown our way. Jackie’s had a number of wins this season, but she hasn’t always had it easy. Ray has been working alongside Jackie even though he hasn’t been on the force.

During a low moment for Jackie, Ray was there for her. They shared a close moment when Jackie asked Ray to lie down with her so she wouldn’t feel alone. When HollywoodLife spoke EXCLUSIVELY to creator Rebecca Cutter, she opened up about why this scene exemplified the bond between Ray and Jackie.

“Originally in the script that was going to be the last scene of the episode, and I can’t remember why we changed it. I love their dynamic,” Rebecca said. “I love that there’s a brother-sister element. I mean, they’re always on each other, right? It’s very rarely just purely friend buddy buddies, but they get each other. They really, in the time of need, show up for each other. She showed up for him at the end of the finale last season. He for her here, so I think of it as a brother and sister. It’s a deep love, but then they really go after each other.”

Jackie has been navigating several key relationships in her life throughout season 2. Earlier in the season, Jackie and Ed had a falling out. Rebecca noted that Jackie and Ed have one of the “foundational relationships in the show” and teased that “we’ll find a way to fix” their relationship. The Hightown season 2 finale will air December 26 on STARZ.

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