Horoscopes today – Russell Grants star sign forecast for November 4

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It can be surprising how some people will take it for granted that if you have helped them out once, you will do so again and again. You’re growing tired of always having to be there for someone who can’t seem to think for themselves. You’re overdue for some pampering.


You will have to concentrate hard on practical and other important matters when really, all you feel like is going back to bed. Your energy levels may be low and mentally you’re struggling to keep your mind on the job. Guard against careless mistakes.


A partner will refuse to deal with a pressing financial matter. You might decide to make a decision on behalf of you both. If you warn them beforehand, it is unlikely they will object. Others trust you to deal with practical matters efficiently and you won’t let them down.


Are your instincts as reliable as usual? Normally you can trust your intuition but when a hunch tells you to stay in the one place, you could be missing out in other areas. Keep a look out for good opportunities and keep on the move.


A housemate or landlord is getting at you about something. You do want to resolve this issue and you are hoping to think of a way to get them off your back. Eventually you might think of a workable solution as your mind is full of thoughts and ideas on how to sort out a domestic problem.


You will be told that it would be better to give in to others and get on with what is being expected of you. This will certainly avoid arguments and although it will mean friends and colleagues will be happy, you might resent having to dance to their tune.


In a close and loving relationship you will adapt to new situations and circumstances if this is what is important to your partner. Someone close will pull out of joint arrangements at the eleventh hour. Despite the inconvenience you will know this isn’t their fault and they do feel bad about it.


A new sense of responsibility will be the result of recent events and undertakings. Whether you are starting a new job, setting up home with another or committing to a financial transaction you should feel pleased with your current run of success.


It has been a pleasure to have been able to contribute to a group effort. It has also been mentally and physically exhausting. You are ready to take a break before getting back to the grindstone. It will make complete sense to you to start adopting a slower pace.


A problem that has been irritating you for some time could be resolved much to your relief. It will feel great to be able to put this matter behind you and because it has been causing a lot of tension in the family you can now look forward to greater harmony within the home.


You’re likely to get a lot of pleasure from joining in new creative pursuits. There is a celebratory note in the air. News of a birth, wedding or engagement will cause excitement among your family and friends. Changes are happening in your career and in your relationships and all will turn out well.


Finding the courage and confidence to put new and inventive ideas into your work will bring praise and admiration from higher-ups. You could also receive some form of bonus because of your quick thinking and this will please someone at home who has some extravagant festive plans in mind for December.

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