Horoscopes today – Russell Grants star sign forecast for Tuesday, October 31


There are household matters that need to be dealt with. Surprise your housemates by making a start on these now. Your boss will make you an offer you won’t want to refuse even though you sense someone close is not going to be happy about it.


You can’t keep sacrificing your own happiness for someone else. You would like to please a partner or relative by going along with their suggestions but it doesn’t seem fair or right when this means putting your own wishes on hold. If you decide on something that feels right for you, you really don’t have to explain yourself.


You can’t ignore a suspicion that someone hasn’t been honest with you. If there is something bothering you about this relationship, don’t keep your feelings to yourself. Bring your thoughts out into the open and as well as this clearing the air, you are giving someone a chance to come clean about their mistakes.


You’ve always been impressionable. For that reason it would be better to keep some of your plans secret. Someone will try to talk you out of them and you will not want to be influenced or feel intimidated by a friend’s gloomy statements and predictions.


Allow a loved one to take care of you when you are feeling down. You aren’t used to losing and when this happens to you, you could go into a tailspin. A partner’s loving attention will help heal your wounded ego. Trust those who are close to you who know you well. They will help you push past blocks and fears.


Take cues from a mentor and you will soon learn a new skill. It will be through deferring to an expert that a good student teacher relationship is developed. You may not at first take to their teaching methods but persevere. Eventually you will realise how effective this technique really is.


It will feel a little unnerving to realise you are going in a different direction from friends you have known for years. You cannot remain on a path that no longer brings you any happiness or satisfaction. It is time to go where new opportunities lie.


Take time out of your busy schedule to have a much needed discussion with your partner. This conversation will remind you of how important it is to make your personal life a priority. Are you single? You could meet someone new through a dating agency or via a friend of a friend.


Don’t give up too quickly if it seems like everything is going wrong with a new arrangement. New routines will be established and new deals agreed on. Be sure not to show your emotions in conversations with a rival and refuse to let difficulties cause anxiety. You could be thinking things are worse than they are.

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A senior colleague’s methods seem erratic. It isn’t helping that they are using techniques you have never seen before. Before commenting, keep watching. They are more knowledgeable than you might think. It’s all a matter of pushing aside your own preferences for the sake of experience.


You are aware someone is needing reassurance of your loyalty. You might think this is unnecessary but it is important for them to hear it from you. A close relationship will improve once you make it obvious that you really do care. Finding the right words can make a big difference.


You will be the first to show an interest in helping to promote a fund-raising exercise. Supporting a venture that is close to your heart will feel spiritually uplifting. Knowing you have the support of some powerful people behind you will make you more confident.

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