Horoscopes today – Russell Grants star sign forecast for Tuesday


A child or youngster’s comments will bring a friend’s secret out into the open. Even though their words will make you think, they will also make you laugh when you realise that you have recently got it all wrong and you haven’t been seeing a situation as it really is.


Are you expecting too much from your family, friends or workmates. If someone who is usually very active is feeling lazy, this is because they are exhausted. To show them respect, accept that you can’t keep pushing themselves and they do deserve a rest.


A genuine misunderstanding in the workplace might cause some problems that will be hard to resolve. Be ready to ask questions until you feel you have the information you need to make a practical decision. If someone is reluctant to give an honest answer, what are they trying to hide?


Be supportive of a friend’s needs when they approach you for advice. If they have helped you in the past, it’s a matter of courtesy to listen when they approach you for advice. An interest shown in matters concerning a close friend or partner will be appreciated by them.


You may have expected a task or job you have recently accepted to be a lot harder than it actually turns out to be. There may have been a couple of hurdles to overcome but these have not been the problem other people made them out to be.


You’re being asked to think about your health and whether you have been neglecting your own needs. If you’ve been putting other people’s demands and wishes ahead of your own, this is blocking your progress. You can do something about it now.


New opportunities and possibilities are likely and these will come through people you meet or get chatting to online. New friendships made today are likely to be lasting ones. Listen to conversations going on around you and you will hear something you will want to find more about.


An activity you got involved in some time ago is starting to lose its appeal. Too many people are now involved and it doesn’t feel the same any more. You might consider some past moves and wonder whether you made the right decisions. You made choices that felt good for you at the time.


A close friend, partner or housemate will receive an offer that could take them to far-off places if they were to accept it. What’s upsetting is that you aren’t included in this invitation. Proposals in the workplace will target newcomers. This won’t seem fair to those who have been there for years.


Discussions will not only be lively and interesting, they will leave you with a lot of views to consider, opinions to think about and decisions to make. A rethink is taking place about rules and regulations in an academic or work situation. You stand to benefit from their final decision


It will have taken some time to establish a workable household budget. Now that you have, you are starting to feel more in control of your finances. Just be sure you don’t let your attention slip. A little help from a friend or workmate will go a long way when they have talents that come in very useful.


A meeting linked with your job or a study course will connect you with someone special. People who are younger or less experienced seem to be the ones who keep butting into discussions. It will be quickly apparent that they haven’t a clue what they are talking about.

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