How to visit Santa virtually as grottos close for 2020

Experts have confirmed that Santa will be allowed to travel this Christmas and spread his usual festive joy.

But, sadly, seeing Saint Nick up close will be harder as he too has to social distance to stay safe.

That doesn’t mean that a greeting from Father Christmas is completely off the cards, however.

A special service has been set up to ensure youngsters still get some vital face time with the big man himself.

Santaiscallingyou is one website that allows you to chat away with Kris Kringle.

And there’s even a chance to meet Mrs Claus, if she’s not busy baking cookies.

You could opt for a Santa Story Time option if you want your littluns to be entertained for a while whilst you wrap your own presents.

The service, which costs £24.99 or more depending on the service, was designed by actor James Bartlett, The Sun reports.

He told the BBC: “Nearly 400 applied for acting roles and we are still looking for more Santas."

But that is just one of a handful of ways to get in touch with Father Christmas this year.

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Wonder Adventures hosts a Santa comes to tea virtual experience at £12.99, and there’s also Santa’s Lapland which is offering a 10 minute video call.

That would set families back £85.

But it includes a virtual tour of his grotto, and even introduces kids to his reindeer.

This service gives families a tour of Santa's grotto and even introduces them to reindeer.

There's also, which offers 15 minutes calls for up to four children and two guest links for £30.

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Kids need not worry this year about Santa taking to the skies, even if they can’t see him in real life.

Professor Emer Shelley, of Public Health Medicine Ireland, confirmed to Good Morning Britain that Father Christmas had undertaken a risk assessment.

Although his big belly puts him at a bit of a risk of Covid-19, the festive fellow should be ok.

Professor Shelley said that as Saint Nick can travel so quickly, and we’ll all be asleep, he won’t come across anyone.

Professor Shelley said: “We have considered whether or not Santa Claus can travel this Christmas.

“It's a serious issue we've just been talking about travel between countries but of course Santa travels all around the world, is he at risk of transmitting the virus right around the world and is there risk for Santa Claus himself.

“Discussing it with colleges we realised everyone is asleep when Santa calls so he won't come across anybody and secondly he travels so quickly.

“If even a part of his entourage were to have the virus they travel so quickly there is no risk of transmitting the virus to anybody around the world.”

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