Husband's 'passive aggressive' note to wife's lover goes viral

Husband’s hilariously ‘passive aggressive’ note to his neighbour who is supposedly sleeping with his wife goes viral after he jokes he’s still welcome to ‘pop over for a brew’ if he ever gets ‘lonely’

  • Anonymous man, from UK, shared snap of handwritten note to wife’s lover
  • Said knows things get ‘lonely’ and doesn’t mind him ‘popping over for a brew’ 
  • Many mocked the polite note saying it sounded more like an ‘invite’

A husband’s ‘passive aggressive’ note to his a neighbour who is supposedly sleeping with his wife has gone viral.

Taking to Reddit, the anonymous man, from the UK, shared a snap of the handwritten note he claimed to have written to his wife’s lover alongside a caption titled: ‘Came home to my partner in bed with someone else! Pretty sure I struck the right tone?”

The note read: ‘Hey, just wanted to let you know that you’re sleeping with someone who’s married and we’re not in an open relationship so you shouldn’t really be doing the dirty with her.

‘I appreciate things can get lonely so don’t mind you popping over for a brew temporarily whilst I’m out but in the future could you give me a heads up so I can move my car for you please.’

He signed off the note: ‘Cheers, no.86.’

Although there’s no way of verifying if the note was real or not, it wasn’t long before the post racked up over 600 comments from amused forum users. 

An anonymous man, from the UK, wrote a ‘passive aggressive’ note to his a neighbour who was supposedly sleeping with his wife (pictured)

‘I think the cheers is a bit passive aggressive,’ joked one. ‘I think “many thanks” would set the tone, you want them to know you mean business but are also grateful for their future consideration.’

A second sarcastically added: ‘I think saying “I don’t mind you popping over for a brew temporarily” confuses the message and potentially opens you up to the same issue happening again.’ 

A third commented: ‘This letter is pathetic. Umm excuse me can you please not f*** my wife, it makes me sad. Thanks.’

Taking to the comments section, one person joked: ‘I think the cheers is a bit passive aggressive’

Meanwhile, a fourth wrote: ‘You must be someone who everyone can push in line of and you will just mumble to yourself; saying “you could’ve just asked, I would’ve let you in,” while a fifth simply branded the note ‘pathetic.’

Elsewhere, another added: ‘I think they got the message across in a perfect rendition of British passive aggression and that person will stop.

Sounds like “I’m disappointed in you” which is far worse than “I am angry with you.”

I obviously know nothing about the situation but I can’t imagine it will be happening again with the cheater as a married person.’

However, some were more suspicious and suggested the note may be parodying one that was posted a day earlier.

‘Someone posted a note yesterday complaining about someone parking in their parking space and they were teased about how passive it was,’ one person noted.

A second responded to a comment asking for context of the note and questioned: ‘Aren’t one of the thousands of Redditors who responded to the parking space letter from yesterday? The warning so polite it was an invitation?’

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