I feed my baby morning and evening breastfeeding milk – its worked wonders

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    Breast milk has a number of health benefits for a new baby – from promoting the production of antibodies for the immune system to perfectly adapting itself to your child's needs.

    But it could also help your little one sleep better or have more energy as the milk can also change depending on the time of day.

    That's why one breastfeeding mum has explained to other parents that they should be labelling bottled breastmilk with AM or PM depending on the time it was pumped.

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    Aubrey Marie was informed that her breastmilk in the morning will be giving the baby more energy but evening milk will be giving the baby a hormone to help them sleep better.

    So, the Airbnb owner, who posts on TikTok as @theaubreymarie, started labelling her pumped breast milk with the time and has seen the benefits ever since.

    In the video, which has gained more than 766,000 likes, the mum said: "I just found out that nighttime breast milk has melatonin in it, and daytime breast milk has cortisol in it, which helps with energy and alertness and focus.

    "I started separating my pumped milk in AM and PM. I don't know if this is normal. I just found all this out, but now I make sure to label, which is PM, and which is AM, and she has been sleeping really good.

    "I wonder if this is helping. I just had to share. I don't know. Has this worked for anybody or is it pointless?"

    Viewers took to the comments to share their experiences and thank her for the tip.

    One user said: "I did this also, as an EP mom, and our baby slept through the night from 8 weeks on. Magic."

    Another added: "It's low amounts but it's true & effective! also if your baby is sick make the melatonin more to help in comfort and healing your baby."

    A third commented: "Human body is miraculous."

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    "They need to tell everyone this BEFORE they leave the hospital," a fourth wrote.

    According to The Sleep Doctor, there have been studies done into the sleep of breastfed and formula-fed babies which found that it does have an impact.

    The website states: "A study in 2017 found that three-month-old babies fed breast milk during the first few months of their life slept more during the night than their formula-fed counterparts."

    However, beyond 6 months they have a harder time sleeping than formula-fed babies.


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