I post candid pix of my body but Instagram keeps flagging me – its disgusting

A body positive influencer claims she's been “shadow banned” on Instagram – and is "disgusted" by the decision.

Isabella Davis, from Australia, boats 227,000 followers on the platform.

She is never short of posting self-love themed messages and snaps – from normalising pubic hair and cellulite to ditching her clothes to flaunt her natural body.

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But recently, her job as a content creator has become a lot harder.

The dark-haired beauty started to notice some of her content had been flagged as a ‘violation of community guidelines’ under the section of ‘nudity and sexual activity’.

And as she only wants to express positivity around woman’s bodies without any sexual nature, Isabella started to become "frustrated" with the matter.

It wasn’t long until she noticed that her engagement with her posts started to drop off – and a barrage of followers said they couldn't find her account when searching for her on Instagram.

And then, it sunk in that she may have been hit by a 'shadow ban'.

According to Oxford Languages, shadow banning is defined: "[To] block (a user) from a social media site or online forum without their knowledge, typically by making their posts and comments no longer visible to other users."

In an exclusive interview with Daily Star, Isabella has shared her thoughts on the double standards women face on the internet.

This is especially apparent after Tommy Lee, musician and founding member of band Mötley Crüe, posted a full frontal nude that was left on Instagram for more than five hours – and his account is still easily searchable on the site.

Isabella explained: “My content started being flagged and removed from Instagram for apparently violating community guidelines on ‘nudity and sexual activity’.

“I then received an influx of messages from my followers telling me they can’t find me online and Instagram also was limiting my reach on posts and continues to do so.

“Multiple messages have been sent [to Instagram] but so far no response. I also have appealed my post takedowns and they still removed them.

“[I’m] utterly frustrated and disgusted.

“How is it okay that a famous man is allowed to post a full-frontal d*** pic for pure entertainment but I get anxious to upload a body positivity post that was created to help make women feel seen and empowered in their bodies!"

“It frustrates me that women’s bodies are being policed by men daily," Isabella expressed.

Although her account is still active, "shadow banning" could impact the number of people and companies that see her body positive posts.

This can make landing lucrative deals a lot more difficult, which helps with income as an influencer.

On the topic of money, Isabella candidly shared': “It has [impacted income]. My posts now don’t get the reach they used to, which brands can see and may not choose to continue to work with me because of that.

“Sadly, I have [lost interaction]. My engagement has dropped dramatically since the shadow ban and my followers don’t see my posts or stories anymore.

“Honestly, [I feel] deflated and powerless.

"I work so hard every day to create content for women to feel comfortable in their bodies and when Instagram removes my posts or shadow bans them it makes me feel like they don’t want women to feel comfortable and confident in their bodies.

“Something needs to change.

“We deserve to see our bodies represented in the media not policed and ridiculed for simply showing up as we are", she blasted.

Isabella has been posting content since 2020 after struggling with her own body issues.

The influencer said: “To be completely honest I had been struggling with my body image for years and during Covid it hit a new high.

“I was tired of people telling me I needed to come out of lockdown looking thinner and smoother than I ever had before. I was sick of editing out my cellulite in images and positioning my body in ways that would minimise my rolls.

“I was deflated by the media constantly telling women that they had flaws and imperfections.

“I just wanted to show up as myself, rolls, softness, stretch marks and all so I decided to start posting unedited, un posed images of my body to hopefully empower other women to feel confident and comfortable in their bodies exactly as they are!”

Daily Star has contacted Instagram for comment.


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