I struggled in Tesco job but now make £70k a month on OnlyFans

Before making up to £70,000 a month on OnlyFans, Yasmin Baker says she was depressed and constantly burdened by money worries.

The former Tesco checkout girl was riddled in debt thanks to her ex-boyfriend – but she now finds herself living in picturesque Panama while driving a flash Jaguar.

She said her rags to riches story has taught her one thing – that money does indeed buy happiness.

Yasmin, 28, told Daily Star: “I definitely think It can buy happiness. Anything I want, I can buy.

“What makes me happy is seeing my family happy. And having money lets me help them in any way I can.

“I’ve moved to Panama. I have my beautiful dog with me and I'm going to give him a good life. Every time I go out I bring him a new toy home. It makes him happy, which makes me happy!

“My old life was terrible all because of money problems. I don’t have to worry about that anymore.”

The former hospital admin worker, who is soon flying her loved ones to Florida for a holiday, added: “I wasn’t even remotely happy before OnlyFans. My life was a struggle. I was depressed.

“I hated waking up to a new day of struggles. Now I have less struggles.

“Life isn’t perfect, my health is actually suffering a bit now but I would not want to go back to my old life.”

One of the reasons her health has been affected is because of the hours she and other creators spend making money on their phones.

And Yasmin, who used to live in Norfolk, said there was a misconception about how easy it was to make money on the saucy platform.

“I think I’ve been successful because I literally quit everything to put my all into it,” she explained.

“People think it’s such easy, fast money but it’s far from that unless you’re a celebrity and already have a following.

“It’s so hard to get off the ground with your page. I used to stay awake until 5am working.

“And I still don’t sleep properly. I just take little power naps in the day. Sleeping means missed opportunities.”

And while Yasmin is sacrificing sleep for financial gain, what then is her ultimate goal?

She answered: “It’s to have investments that will get me through life and hopefully I won’t ever have to go back to a 9-5 again.

“Working from home and having money also gives me the opportunity to travel around the world if I wanted to.

“I would like to rescue dogs and have my own shelter and foster them.

“And I’ve always wanted to foster children and give them an amazing loving home and a great life.

“Unfortunately, I would imagine my job would get in the way of fostering children which is such a shame as I have a big heart and would love to give those children a second chance in life in a loving home.”

Last week Yasmin revealed how her Tesco colleagues found her OnlyFans page and mocked her before she became rich.

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