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WE'VE all had the frightening moment where it's touch and go with a fart.

But in most cases, you come away unscathed, relieved that you didn't have to face an embarrassing trip to the bathroom.

However, one doctor has now revealed the real reason you're able to hold it in when you trump.

Taking to TikTok, Dr Karan Rajan said you could use these helpful facts as an ice breaker at your next dinner party or social gathering.

He explained that the reason you don't follow through when you fart is thanks to a 'remarkable piece of engineering' in the human body.

The expert said that medically, this is referred to as the 'anal sampling mechanism'.

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This is also known as the recto anal inhibitory reflex.

Dr Karan explained: "It's a reflex that allows your body to sample the contents of the rectal chamber and allows the rectum to distinguish between a solid, liquid or a gas.

"It's the reason you can safely let out a thunder dumpling without fear of soiling yourself – despite having a faeces in the rectal canal.

"It's basically a fart gate or anti 'shart' brakes.

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"For those people who in whom this reflex doesn't work properly – they'll be incontinent.

He added for the average person, this reflex is 'amazing' but admitted that it's 'not perfect'.

"It's better at telling the difference between a solid and non-solid in the sense that sometimes it senses liquid as gas – so be careful if you're having one of those days," he added.

It's important to remember that passing wind is completely normal and that you might pass it more on some days than others.

However, experts previously warned that if you're farting or pooing less than normal, then this could be a sign of stress.

GP Dr Sarah Garsed said: "People don’t realise the physical impact that stress has on our bodies. Our bowels react to this and we can find ourselves constipated (or sometimes the opposite), because our guts are tense and not working as they should.

"Our breathing also changes so we often take in more air than we need to. Taking time to deep breathe, taking exercise and trying to get more sleep can help settle our guts.”

If your farts are particularly smelly, coupled with

 loss of appetite and even weight loss – it could be a sign of Crohn’s disease.

The condition can cause small-intestinal bacterial overgrowth, simply meaning too many bacteria build up in a part of the digestive system.
When these bacteria break down food residue, they can produce a smelly gas.

Dr Sarah says: “There are lots of symptoms to look out for if you suspect Crohn’s disease, but smelly farts accompanied by sudden appetite and weight loss could be a reason to be checked out by your GP.

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“You might also find you have blood in your poo, painful cramps and excess wind. See your GP immediately if you have these symptoms.”

If you're ever in doubt with any of your symptoms, see your GP.

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