I’m a man but I keep wearing women’s underwear in the hope I’ll get caught – The Sun

DEAR DEIDRE: I’M a straight man of 32 but I keep wearing women’s underwear in the hope I will get caught.

I have a girlfriend who’s 29 and I have accumulated a bag of underwear.

When I get the chance, I slip into a pair of silk knickers or a lacy thong.

I started going for a five-minute walk around the block and now I get a buzz from going to the cinema or to the pub with mates while wearing women’s undies.

I’ve had problems with other addictions. Am I using this to replace that buzz?

DEIDRE SAYS: Cross-dressers often want to push the boundaries and go more and more public. Do you only court the risk or does part of you respond to expressing a female side?

Secrets tend to eat into relationships. Gain more understanding of this then see if you can be more honest with your girlfriend.

Talk it through with the Beaumont Society, which helps the trans community (beaumontsociety.org.uk, 01582 412 220).

My e-leaflet on Cross-Dressing Worries can help too.

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