Im getting married and sleeping with women – my fiancé doesnt mind

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    A couple who met working at Tesco Bank have unveiled their 'wild and kinky' sex life.

    Priya and Brendon, who live in Newcastle-upon-Tyne, have been together for eight years after the bloke couldn't keep his 'tongue in his mouth' when he first spotted the then-new hire.

    The pair started to flirt straight away but Priya decided to throw away Brendon's number until she gave into his charms a year later. From that moment, the couple have been completely besotted with each-other.

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    However, this is no run of the mill work colleagues-to-lovers romance as the couple – who are planning to get married – have a 'wild and kinky' side, especially Priya.

    Brendon now works as system analyst, while Priya is a full-time dominatrix who is on a mission to explore her bisexuality – something that she has never done before. Although Brendon is happy for his partner to expand her sexual experiences, he only wants to be sexually involved with Priya.

    The couple are now featuring on Channel 4 show Open House: The Great Sex Experiment where Priya is able to spend some quality time with other participants, especially those who are female.

    In an exclusive chat with Daily Star, Priya and Brendon revealed how they make their relationship work to cater to both of their needs and wants.

    "I am a bit of a dark horse," Priya teased. "I suppose I have always been wild and kinky, and meeting Brendon unleashed my kinks – I don’t do boring. I like to switch things up. You can still be intimate, passionate, sensual, and erotic – but kinky, and being wild, makes things exciting for me.

    "I had to bury a lot of this for many years, therefore I felt restricted for so long, and when I met Brendon he unleashed my sexual needs, tensions, and frustrations. I’ll always be wild and kinky, and this will also apply with the same sex. Whether they can keep up with me is the question!"

    Despite Brendon 'unleashing' Priya's kinks, she felt that something was missing from her sex life – women.

    The dominatrix suppressed her bisexuality for years and found herself frustrated in doing so. But after confiding in her partner about her sexual desires, Brendon was supportive of Priya exploring her interest in women.

    Having had enough of 'joking' to hide her bisexuality and tired of being 'scared' to allow herself to connect to that part of herself, Priya dipped her toes into having sexual relations with women.

    She kissed a few women but found it difficult to come across bisexual women on nights out or dating apps.

    "I have always thought about being bisexual and would even joke about it to hide exploring it," she candidly shared. "I suppose I was scared as it is a huge thing. I have felt like this for the past four years, I was too shy to tell Brendon, and I suppose I have some regrets. Before COVID hitting, I’d get asked out in front of Brendon and they were girls of my type and friendly.

    "And when I would turn them down, I’d still think about them and wonder what if."

    It wasn't until the couple signed up for the Open House: The Great Sex Experiment that Priya got to experience more intimate moments with women. Brendon actually had the idea of going on the show, which saw him have an early night while Priya went for some kisses and cuddles with two other women.

    Brendon even told us that the programme – where he remained fully monogamous – brought them closer together. He even proposed to Priya at the end of filming, which wrapped up a year ago.

    "I felt nervous, but I felt it was the right place to be," Priya explained. "There’s no asking ‘are you bisexual?’ or ‘are you gay?’ etc, the residents are already open to the idea of exploring which is helpful.

    "I’m glad I did it because I had my first 3-way kiss, and I thoroughly enjoyed it. The show also helped me confirm that I am indeed bisexual.

    "I am proud I did something that scared me, and shared this journey with the love of my life by my side."

    Priya is now in full-swing with her polyamory and has enjoyed a sexual encounter with a woman since she took part in the experiment. The happy couple are now planning on getting married and Priya will continue to seek out sexual relations with women – even when hitched.

    "Priya is more than enough for me and I’m a very lucky guy to have someone so sweet and beautiful in my life," Brendon gushed. "Hence why I will always give my full self to Priya and Priya only. Priya is still kinky and wilder than ever.

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    "Ironically, the show has brought us closer together, and we both know for sure that we could not have sex with the opposite sex, other than each other. I am hers and she is mine. As for our relationship we are a team, we are lovers, we are best friends, and we are soulmates – that will never change.

    "We are as solid as ever and making wedding preparations for next year. We have moved the wedding forward and we’re very excited to soon to be husband and wife.

    "Priya will continue to explore even after marriage."

    Watch Open House: The Great Sex Experiment, Friday 29th September at 10pm on Channel 4.

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