I’m having hot sex with my mother-in-law and I’m worried my wife will find out – The Sun

DEAR DEIDRE: I AM having a steamy affair with my mother-in-law. We both know it is wrong but there is something intoxicating about it.

It started three weeks ago at my brother-in-law’s wedding when my mother-in-law laddered her tights on a bit of sticking-out wood on a church pew.

My car was parked nearby and I offered to drive her home to pick up a new pair of tights. I am 33 and I have always had a bit of a thing for her. She is 48 but looks ten years younger. We have always shared a lot of lingering glances.

When we arrived at her house, she asked me to unzip her dress as it was so tight she was not going to be able to bend over to change her tights. I made some silly joke about how, “We’re both going to be tight later, and who knows what might happen then?”

She held my gaze, we kissed and it was magic. Within minutes we were on her bed, having sex. It was amazing. We hurried back to the reception afterwards. My wife commented on how long we had been but seemed none the wiser.

The wedding went off fine and at the end of the evening, I just said to my mother-in-law, “Thank you for earlier.” I texted her the next day to see if she was OK and she said that she felt a bit guilty. I suggested we should talk to clear the air and move on.

We met in a coffee shop and she had clearly dressed up, done her hair and make-up. We agreed that what we did was wrong but she said I had made her feel wanted again.

She has made no secret of the fact that she and her husband have problems. I offered her a lift home afterwards and it felt natural to kiss when we got there. Things progressed, as they do, and we spent the rest of the morning in bed having sex. We have arranged to meet again.

We both know we risk hurting my wife, who I love her very much, but there is just something about her mother I can’t resist.

DEIDRE SAYS: It is likely there are strong similarities between your wife and her mother. That could be part of why you find her so attractive.

Lots of mothers feel some rivalry as their daughters grow into attractive adults but there is something very damaged about your mother-in-law for her to do this.

Meanwhile, you both risk wrecking a whole lot of lives. Your wife will feel doubly betrayed by two people who should never hurt her. Do you really want to risk losing your marriage and devastating the whole family?

You must end this affair straight away. Tell her it is over and do not put yourself in the way of temptation.

Make sure that you are never alone with her in future and put fresh energy into your marriage.

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