In Candid Conversation With Award Winning Actress Jana Mosquera

Reigning supreme over the film industry in 2022, applauded for her extraordinary acting skills and charismatic appearance on camera, Jana spills the beans about her project Echo3 and her journey to acting.


Jana Mosquera is an award-winning actress, writer, and producer who was a part of an historic year in the entertainment business, wowing everyone with her performance as a guerilla rebel in the political-military thriller ‘Echo3.’ She graciously agreed to take some time out of her hectic schedule when we asked her for a candid interview. ‘Echo3’, that stars Luke Evans, Jessica Ann Collins and Michael Huisman, is now available on AppleTV+, with new episodes premiering every week.


Thank you for the time, Jana, congratulations on having a wonderful year. What was it like to be part of ‘Echo3’, and how does it feel to be praised internationally?

            Pleasure is all mine. If I were to recreate my career trajectory this year, I probably wouldn’t be able to; it truly has been surreal; I am grateful to the whole team of ‘Echo3’ for the opportunity. It was an unorthodox character to play, and I thoroughly enjoyed it despite the busy schedule for the other projects. I mean, it feels great to be recognized for your hard work; I am quite in the process of sinking in all the praises coming my way.


You mentioned your unorthodox character in ‘Echo3’; how did you prepare for it amid a tight schedule? The series has been exclusively praised for its extraordinary performance. Tell us about the global acclaim you have received and how you still managed not to get it in your head. 

            To be honest with you, for actors, writers, and producers, every moment of our life is a learning experience; observance is the key wherever we go. For ‘Echo3’, I put to use the knowledge I gathered at law school, and as an active philanthropist and advocate for minority communities, I gained a lot of exposure. From learning a lot about the history of Colombian rebels to their way of living, their philosophy and dedication behind being the way they are, and their actions, I drew closer, understood deeper, and was able to comprehend well my character. I think it shows in my work; I molded myself in real-life experiences to portray it effortlessly. I used all that knowledge to build my character. I also researched how revels survive living in the jungle, what they eat, how they sleep, how they clean themselves, and how they train. I was breathing in and out of my character. When you have given all, you have to your character, and it receives the due recognition, all the work pays off. We forget the endless tiresome days on set.

            To answer your second question, little has changed for us. For me, it is all about how the audience views us. It feels good to be called a gifted artist and an outstanding performer, but it also brings a much more nuanced sense of responsibility. This is a constant process. Yes, it adds to my motivation as an actress to go above and beyond the unprecedented heights of brilliance for the audience. Love is at the core of my work, and the audience is my inspiration to get up every day and do my job.


Could you share your journey to acting, and walk us through the moment of realization where it was clear to you that acting is where you belong?

            Well, to begin with, it wasn’t easy, I tell you this much. When I try to locate that one moment, looking at my journey in retrospect, I somehow feel it was there in me all along. I was a young 19-year-old girl, quite studious, pursuing two majors: Social Communication and Law, at two of the most prestigious universities in Colombia, Eafit University and Antioquia University. While very busy with my studies, I always dedicated time to areas that were important for my personal development, such as playing basketball and committing myself to humanitarian work in impoverished areas. At this time, and with this commitment to personal development, I decided to take acting classes. I fondly remember starting acting classes; until then, I had never been so happy.  That’s how this journey began.


Thank you, Jana; it was an amazing experience to interview you. We wish you all the best for the coming year! And we look forward to what you have in store for us in acting and production!

            Pleasure is all mine; yes, stay tuned!