Influencer defies trolls who accuse her of editing pics with candid bikini snap

A fitness star set out to prove she never Photoshops or edits her photos by sharing the stark difference in her bikini body in frames captured just seconds apart.

Emily Skye, an influencer from Australia, was accused of hiding her "crinkly" belly using computer software.

In a defiant video she shared on Instagram, she pointed out she would "never" do this because she is always showing her stomach and trying to promote body positivity.

She then shows herself with her stomach relaxed, and no crinkles, and with it tensed, which makes the crinkled skin appear.

Emily said: "I just wanted to jump on and point out something that might be obvious to a lot of you and may not for others.

"I have been accused of many things but lately it's been Photoshopping out my crinkly skin which is weird because I make a point of showing it.

"I would never Photoshop it out. Never, ever, ever. Never have, never would."

The video was watched more than 637,000 times and people were full of praise for Emily's realness and for presenting her body as it really is after childbirth.

One user said: "Always keeping it real Em! I’m proud of my crinkly skin, wearing it like a badge of honour."

A second fan commented: "I have this too, like so much loose skin. Oh well got two beautiful boys so gotta love it."

Someone else wrote: "You look incredible! And your happy glow is even more contagious & beautiful."

Emily has previously been candid in interviews about having "excess skin" following the birth of her two children, Mia and Izaac, and said not everyone will "snap back" to their pre-baby body.

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