Kate Middleton and William’s body language ‘intense’: Royals show ‘like-minded intimacy’

Kate Middleton and William's Instagram praised by experts

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Kate Middleton and Prince William have carried out countless royal engagements together. Just last week, they joined other royals at a reception for G7 leaders.

The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge are mostly seen when they are working in their senior royal role.

They will always appear professional but could still give some details away on their relationship, body language expert Judi James.

The expert analysed the duo during various outings and shared some details on their interactions.

Judi suggested the couple will often “mirror” each other which shows them as “romantic royals”.

“It’s their facial expressions as well as their mirroring and their intense and mutual attention rituals with one another that suggest they are also presenting as romantic royals as well,” the expert said.

“Kate’s excited eye expression and her wide, dimpled smile suggests genuine, congruent pleasure at being in her husband’s company.

“His beaming and at times slightly shy smile plus his softened features do suggest he’s very happily in love.”

By mirroring each other, the expert claimed, Kate and William have shown their “like-minded intimacy”.

Judi continued: “William and Kate have always defined the depth of their rapport and like-minded intimacy as a couple via their body language echoing.

“The Cambridge’s appear more relaxed about their PDAs, with Kate touching William on the back and some rather flirtatious eye contact between them.”

At the G7 reception in Cornwall last week, Judi stated they mirrored each other again.

She said: “Kate mirrors William’s clothing touches in their usual style of empathetic symmetry of movement.”

Prince William is second in line to the British throne so has a growing royal role.

When he takes the throne, it is likely the Duchess of Cambridge will become Queen Consort.

Kate’s growing royal role and confidence may have helped the Cambridges show themselves more as a “royal power couple”, Judi said.

“The couple’s body language does seem to define them as a true royal power couple,” she added.

“As we saw Kate grow from an ordinary, non-royal girl to future Queen the sense of approachability has always been implied.

“Kate seems to have moved out of the ‘royal wife’ role and looked happier appearing as an individual appearing as herself.

“Kate’s confidence signals have grown since the birth of Louis.

“Now she appears to be slightly in the lead, taking cheers from crowds in her own right.”

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