Kate, Princess of Wales showcases new lipstick colour

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Kate, Princess of Wales has stepped out wearing a new shade of lipstick recently. Express.co.uk spoke exclusively to Sarah Amelia Fogg, celebrity makeup artist and owner of award-winning brow brand Brows by Sarah about Kate’s subtle makeup change. 

Kate Middleton doesn’t have a makeup artist for her regular public engagements, instead, she applies her own makeup. 

The royal likes to focus on her eyes, favouring a smokey eye usually created with soft greys and tends to keep the rest of her face natural with a swipe of blusher, with her lips often bare. 

More recently, however, she has been seen wearing a pink/pale coral lip colour, and it looked to have a little gloss on top. 

Sarah reviewed the images of Kate’s new lip colour and said: “Bold lips always add depth and glam to any look. Kate tends to opt for a pop of pink that isn’t too in your face. She tends to choose a subtle shade of pink that complements her skin tone perfectly without drawing too much attention away from the rest of the face of makeup. 

“Pink lipstick can also make your lips appear plumper and fuller as well as making you look fresh-faced and more awake compared to a nude or no lipstick at all. 

“As Kate has amazing, porcelain-like skin, I think a nude could possibly have washed her out. 

“When choosing the right lipstick for you, it is important to ensure that it stands out against the rest of your skin as the contrast is what creates the added depth to your look. If your lip product blends in, it can make you look tired and can even age you.” 

Kate is a huge trendsetter, and no doubt will influence the makeup industry with her new pink lip colour. As for whether anyone can wear pink lipstick, Sarah said: “I’ve always said that pink lipstick is the hardest shade to pull off. There are so many variations and tones of pink that it’s difficult to even know where to start. 

“The right shade of pink also massively depends on the undertone of your skin. Although I’m a strong believer in wearing whatever makeup you want and not letting anyone else’s opinions affect you, there are certain tips that can help you pick the most complimentary shade of pink for you. 

“If you have a warm undertone to your skin, I’d recommend choosing a coral or salmon pink. Those with a cool undertone should reach for hot-pink tones. 

“People with olive skin generally have neutral tones which allow them to pull off most shades. 

“However I think that a dusky pink with a brown tinge is best suited. Finally, darker skin tones look amazing in bold colours. 

“However, if you want to opt for a different shade than what I have recommended, go for it! It’s all personal preference when it comes to choosing lip shades,” Sarah encouraged. 

Sarah also discussed current lipstick trends and what colours are popular for 2023: “I would definitely say that bold, statement lips are on trend at the moment. 

“A red lip is a timeless statement for any makeup look. It adds depth to the face and a focal point to the whole appearance. Red is also universally complimentary for all skin tones, hence why it never disappears. 

“Similarly, bold pink lips are also becoming popular again, similar to Kate’s.

“However I would say the most popular lip trend at the moment is a subtle, nude lip. Beauty in 2023 will become much more natural and stripped back therefore people tend to opt for a natural lip daily,” she added. 

One lipstick Kate is a fan of is Clarins Natural Lip Perfector in Candy Shimmer. 

Priced at £20.50, it is an affordable lip gloss which the Princess was seen holding in her hand during a tennis match at Wimbledon in 2019. 

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