Khloe Kardashian Talks Quarantining After Testing Positive, Co-Parenting, Kim's Controversial Birthday Party and More

Khloe drops by “Ellen” after revealing she had COVID-19 earlier this year to discuss all things “KUWTK,” including whether or not she’d consider starring in another spinoff.

You might think you know everything that’s going on in the world of the Kardashians, but they do manage to keep some secrets for their show, including the bombshell reveal this week that Khloe tested positive for Covid back in March.

The reality star opened up about that experience, revealing that she actually was “really, really sick,” during an appearance on “Ellen.”

There, she also opened up about the challenges of co-parenting with Tristan Thompson, sister Kim’s controversial island getaway birthday celebration and even spinoff possibilities.

After all, the family recently revealed “Keeping Up with the Kardashians” would be wrapping up its genre-defining run after its 20th season wraps sometime next year. Apparently, there’s way more money to be made online than in television these days.

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Spinoff Talks

Does that mean they’ve closed the door on television altogether? The family practically put E! on the map 14 years ago with the launch of their show, and its myriad spinoffs starring almost anyone and everyone who crossed their paths at one time or another.

Actually, we all missed out on one “lost” Kardashian sibling, introduced here by Ellen. With “KUWTK” going off the air, Ellen has already lined up the replacement with one “Karla Kardashian.”

Of course, it’s actually Ellen, complete with fake boobs and butt to really sell those Kardashian curves. “Because what else do you have going on?” reads the tagline. We’re here for it!

As for Khloe, she didn’t completely shut down the idea of coming back to reality television. “I never say never, ’cause that’s gotten me in trouble before,” she laughed. “I just think we all need a little break and see where life takes us.”

Maybe life will take Khloe and True onto their own reality television show, maybe it will take them off of E! and onto a streaming platform, or maybe the family will just buy the E! network outright and rebrand it K! Anything is possible!

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16 Days Alone

“I don’t care how beautiful of a place you have, being taken away from your child for that long — because I couldn’t be around my daughter — that was the most heart-wrenching thing,” Khloe said of her positive Covid diagnosis.

The reality star shared that it was also a very scary time to be testing positive, because we knew so little about everything back in March — feels like that was 14 years ago, too!

“I just remember I wore a mask. I remember wearing gloves, just ‘cause it was speculation about Covid but no one really knew,” she said. “But we were all like, there’s no way I could have Covid.”

But when the whole family got tested, Khloe’s was the only one that came back positive. “It was so incredibly scary,” she said. “It’s still scary, but especially then when the whole world was shutting down and. I mean, we didn’t have any information, or the information we had changed every single day. So it was super, super scary.”

Ultimately, she had to quarantine in her bedroom for 16 days until she tested negative. But for Khloe, it was being away from True that was easily “the hardest part.”

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Kim's Island Party

From the moment Kim shared that she had surprised some of her closest friends with a private island getaway to celebrate her 40th birthday, the internet — and even other celebrities — had a field day with messages basically telling her to “read the room.”

Maybe a global pandemic that has people quarantined at home, struggling to make ends meet and basically living through some of their hardest months isn’t the time to flaunt your wealth and privilege.

“I haven’t heard a lot about it, but I did hear that people were upset that we all went out of town. I don’t really know the extent of it,” Khloe admitted.

She also acknowledged that while she understands how difficult 2020 has been for so many people, she was definitely going to defend Kim and their decision to go on the trip, and not just because, as she insisted, “We did it in the safest way I could imagine someone doing it.”

On top of that, Khloe added that the community was grateful for them contributing to the tourism industry in a year that has certainly seen it take an unprecedented hit.

“So many people said that we were their first party or guests that they’ve had in months and what it’s done for them to be able to pay their bills or do stuff for their family,” she said. “Just hearing those messages when we were there, we felt really good.”

As for the backlash, she really hopes her sister doesn’t dwell on that. “I want Kim to focus on how beautiful it was and what she did for everyone,” said Khoe. “I don’t want that to overshadow all the greatness that happened.”

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Co-Parenting Challenges

With speculation running rampant that Khloe and Tristan Thompson may have rekindled their relationship, Khloe seemed to put a kibosh on those rumors with how she responded to Ellen asking about her co-parenting situation.

Even Ellen acknowledged that she doesn’t know Khloe’s current relationship status with Tristan, but Khloe immediately started talking about the great role models she had in her life about this type of parenting, citing her mother and even Kourtney and Scott Disick’s relationship.

That certainly sounds like she and Tristan are hanging on to that “ex” status in their own connection.

“It’s one of the hardest things I’ve ever done,” Khloe said of co-parenting. “‘Cause you have your own personal feelings, but when you can put those aside and you just put your child first — it sounds great when you’re all in love and everything, [but] when you go through something, it’s such a challenge.”

“But to do it, I know how good I feel about myself,” she added. “You put your kids first. It’s hard sometimes, but it pays off.”

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