Lady Louises body language suggests desire to lead more normal life

Lady Louise 'destined for a private life' says Palmer

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Lady Louise Windsor turned 19 years old today, and the young royal is currently up at St Andrews University in Scotland, studying English. The 19-year-old is actually staying in Kate Middleton and Prince William’s old halls of residence, in a building called St Salvator’s Hall, also known as Sallies.

A body language expert, Judi James, spoke exclusively to to explain how Louise has grown in confidence in the last year.

She said: “If you wanted to define the body language of the perfect head girl then Lady Louise would fit the bill. She projects an intelligent and calming presence with what looks like leadership traits.

“Her shyness signals have diminished and recently, although she has shown no signals of any desire to seek the spotlight she looks relatively comfortable when she is in it.”

According to the expert, Louise uses certain “signals” to check on her younger brother James, Viscount Severn, 14.

Judi said: “Those signals of confidence also look contagious. She will always appear to be checking her younger brother is also able to relax and feel comfortable in public and this seems to make her part of a chain of support as we would often see her mother using subtle touches of reassurance on Louise when they have more public appearances to make.”

According to the body language pro, Louise avoids a key “royal” body language gesture, and this “suggests that she has plans” for a “more normal life”.

Judi claimed: “Louise hasn’t used some of the more traditional rituals of royalty like the royal smile and this has always suggested that she plans to take the option of a more normal life.

“Like Sophie she seems able to switch from a more elegant mode for royal events to ‘normal family mode’, keeping the looks of approachability and warmth that her mother is known for.

“She doesn’t seem to suffer from some of the signals of anxiety that other royals tend to use, like fiddling or checking gestures.”

Judi went on to explain what the 19-year-old royal does instead with her body language.

She added: “Louise can lift her bag up in a slight barrier gesture but she seems to use a more trained-looking and more confident gesture of having her hands clasped lightly in front of her torso in a ‘ballet’ clasp that looks elegant rather than self-protective.”

Lady Louise stepped out often during the summer of 2022 due to her grandmother’s Platinum Jubilee, and also in September due to the tragic death of Her Majesty.

Judi commented on Louise’s body language during these appearances: “Sadly some of Louise’s most recent outings have shown her to be in mourning, first for her grandfather and then her grandmother.

“Like Sophie, Louise was quite open about her expressions of grief but she also showed her inner strength when she went to stand vigil at her grandmother’s coffin.

“Her back was held straight as she walked out and her arms hung slightly away from her sides in a look of confidence.

“Her hands were curled into fists but the fingers were relatively relaxed.”

At St Andrew’s University, Lady Louise will have 24/7 access to an IT suite with nine computers, a common room with a snooker table, a ping pong table, a television, a small library, and a reading room.

As part of Salvator’s Hall traditions, Louise will be invited to partake in a weekly formal dinner, during which a small group of students is chosen to eat with a prominent member of the community or academic staff.

The three-course meal, which takes place on Thursdays in the dining room, is preceded by a sherry reception and culminates with a glass of port in the Regent’s Room.

Salvator’s Hall is one of the plushest halls of residence on campus and has been praised by former and current students.

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