Lemonade app sweetens insurance for homeowners, renters

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When a pipe bursts and floods your house, you don’t have time to wait around for an insurance payout. With the cost of repairs, replacing belongings and clean-up, you need money now.

But with most home and renters’ insurance, you’ll be waiting around for months for a claim to get approved.

It’s no surprise folks are looking for an alternative to traditional homeowners and renters insurance so they can get paid when they need it. That’s why many renters and homeowners are turning to Lemonade, an app-based insurance provider with affordable monthly premiums and claim payouts that take only three minutes.

You can access everything you need right from the Lemonade app. Sign up in-app in just 90 seconds to get your personal property covered without hassle. From making a change to your contact information to submitting a claim, you can do it directly from your phone.

You can also feel confident that Lemonade will pay you fairly. Its business model doesn’t rely on paying its customers as little as possible, as traditional insurance companies do. Instead, Lemonade takes a set fee from the premiums paid. Any excess is used for claims payouts, meaning you don’t have a competing interest with your insurance company.

Leftover funds at the end of the year get donated to charities that the customers choose. Lemonade is a Certified B-Corp, which can make paying your premiums a little more appealing than with a traditional property insurer. In fact, people are enjoying Lemonade because of its simplicity, ranking it #1 in the country for two years in a row. It’s been featured by Forbes, JD Power and more as a popular insurance option.

So if you’re looking for easy-to-control, affordable renters’ or homeowners’ insurance, Lemonade is a can’t-miss opportunity. Get a quote today to see how you can get renters’ insurance starting as low as $5 and homeowners’ insurance starting at $25.

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