Lesbian couple who wed after meeting on Tinder forget about 37-year age gap

A lesbian couple who fell in love after meeting on Tinder have said their age gap doesn't bother them at all.

Julia Sellge Monteiro, 26, tied the knot to Eileen de Freest, 63, in 2019, and made their wedding available to watch on YouTube.

The couple, who live together in Chelsea, share their love for each other on Julia's YouTube where she has over 250,000 followers.

Her videos have been watched by over 40 million people and she even shared her wedding day on her official page.

And Julia often posts new content twice a week, alongside working as a singer-songwriter, while Eileen is retired.

In her clips, they rate each other's outfits, film their travels together and share the intimacies of their relationship with their fans.

The videos are tagged: "Lesbian Age Gap Couple."

Eileen said: "I think we're just lucky that we've had this unique opportunity to fall in love and we haven't been limited by our ages."

"What comes across [in our videos] is not that we're different in age, but that we're two people who really love each other."

They also revealed they're at that stage in their relationship where they don't even think about the age gap anymore.

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Julia admitted: "We're very used to it, and we don't even think about it.

But there are a few things that are different – I mean, I won't take Eileen hiking with me.

"And she knows different music and things from a different time."

Luckily her wife Eileen agrees as she added: "We're lucky to have met somewhere in this magic middle".

Eileen may have the benefit of experience but she says their relationship has changed her views on gender.

When it comes to friendships, the couple say they're a mix of ages, some closer to Eileen, and others to Julia.

Julia claimed: "My friends have always been supportive, but I've been with an older woman before, so they were used to it anyway.

"We've never had any problems in public… people stare a little bit, but it could be our hair."

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Their relationship sparked when Eileen made the first move on Tinder then initiated an "intense" message conversation.

She then asked Julia out for a date, but instead of dinner, Eileen had her over at her place as she had a problem with her knee.

They ordered pizza and drank wine, as Julia admitted: "We got on straight away. We just clicked… Eileen made me feel comfortable."

Although Eileen made the first move, it was Julia who popped the big question after getting down on one knee at a gig in London.

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