Let the Meerkats help you cope with summer holidays

Two thousand parents with children aged four to 12 in full-time education were quizzed. Parents predict they will spend £542 between now and the start of September ensuring the children have things to do. Overall 77 percent admitted they feel pressure to keep their children entertained over the summer.

As a result, the average family will have 18 tiffs in total during the six-week break

Julie Daniels, the head of partnerships at leading comparison website comparethemarket.com, which commissioned the research said: “With the summer holidays just underway, families could already be finding it difficult to all agree on activities or decide on days out to keep the whole household happy, causing tensions to mount.’”

The study also found one in seven families regularly find themselves at loggerheads deciding where to eat out, and one in 10 believe choosing a film to watch is the catalyst to quarrel.

One in 10 blames the summer heat for putting family tensions at boiling point.

And one in five parents also confesses that the summer break is the time of year they’re most likely to bicker with their kids.

Dr Sam Wass, a child psychologist from Channel 4’s The Secret Life of 4- and 5-Year-Olds, says: “Although most children look forward to the summer holidays, they can also be a tough time for many families.

“Long periods of unstructured time can lead to lots of disagreements. Many parents worry about the mounting costs that come with entertaining their children, with almost a quarter citing it as a cause of squabbles.”

Julie Daniels added: “Planning lots together as a family is a great way to reconnect, that’s why this summer, the Meercat Mediator could help alleviate family financial friction and pressure points by tapping into the wealth of meal and cinema options, available via the Meerkat App.”

The Meerkat Mediator a voice assistant prototype which aims to help everyone agree on what to eat and what to watch at the cinema.  

It taps into the wealth of Meerkat Movies and Meerkat Meals options available via the Meerkat app to help families spend more quality time together.

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Top 10 Summer holiday squabbles

1. How much everything is costing

2. A family member making too much mess in the home

3. A family member’s irritating behaviour

4. Indecision about what to do for a day out

5. Not being able to agree as a family what to do together

6. What to eat

7. A family member being lazy / avoiding responsibility

8. Feeling tetchy because of the heat

9. Just irrational temper issues

10. Where to eat

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