Lipstick mistake is very ageing on mature skin, says makeup artist

Using makeup as a quick fix to hide signs of ageing is one of the best tools for mature skin types, particularly in areas where your complexion appears wrinkled or dehydrated. But when it comes to bold pigments like lipstick and liner, it’s important to use them correctly for a more flattering finish. And according to a 54-year-old beauty expert, it’s as easy as avoiding one simple mistake.

In a video on her YouTube channel, makeup expert and former prime-time news anchor Dominique Sachse shared her top tips for those with mature skin.

One of which was to avoid applying lip liner too harshly in an attempt to create a more rounded cupids-bow.

She said that “overdrawing the lips with too dark a lip liner” creates a “droopy-looking lip”.

The glamorous mother-of-six explained that overdrawing the natural line of the lips is the more obvious mistake but using the wrong shade of lip product is what creates a “clownish” appearance.

Demonstrating the mistake in the video by using the right technique on one side of her lips and the wrong on the other, she noted that it’s one of the most “ageing” beauty mishaps.

Dominique said: “The mistake I am going to make is I am going to round down which creates this sort of droopy-looking lip in the name of trying to make the lips look fuller.”

When applying the dark liner to her lips, the beauty expert overlined the top lip in an arching motion and did the same on the lower lip.

This created a “downturned mouth” rather than leaving it looking lifted and plump.

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To avoid this, Dominique recommended using a lighter lip liner shade in a nude shade that is only slightly darker than your natural lip colour.

For the best results, she noted that you should apply it with a gentle hand to avoid harshness.

Draw the liner slightly above the natural contour of your upper lip and when you bring it down towards the corner of your mouth, “whisk it out” instead of directly downwards.

According to the makeup expert, this creates more of an upwards turn of the lips.

On the bottom lip, Dominique lined just below the natural border to “blur” into the skin.

She said: “Still fullness but this is like a shadow border instead. It really does give that shadowy effect without creating a really harsh line.”

When it comes to applying lipstick in the centre of the lips, the makeup influencer warned: “Be really really careful of brick-toned shades. They can be very ageing and harsh.

“The way to soften this look is to step it up a little bit lighter – a nude peachy tone. A little bit lighter makes all the difference.”

Showing the final comparison of her face with one side done using “mistakes” and the other with proper application, the YouTube user explained that the lips appeared too “deep” and “harsh” on the bad side, reminding her of the 1980s.

On the “right side”, her lips appeared “super soft”.

The combination of the neutral liner and peachy lipstick shade created a fuller mouth with a “sweet” curl up on the outside.

Dominique said: “The lighter colour is definitely more flattering, especially during a daytime look.”

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