Love Island fans swoon over Faye’s hair makeover as she ditches gel-heavy look

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Faye Winter had sparked a few debates on Twitter as of late, but this week fans have been united in praising her for a stunning new look.

The 26 year old has frequently been wearing her blonde hair in a slicked back style for evenings, but for Sunday and Monday nights' episodes of Love Island she surprised everyone with mermaid waves – a look she hasn’t previously worn, but a long-standing favourite amongst Love Island stars of past and present.

"A moment for Faye’s hair today because it looks beaut," says one, while another tweets: "Unrelated but Faye’s hair looks so good!"

A third writes: "Shorter hair really frames her face nicely."

Faye’s hair does indeed look shorter and it’s because it seems she also ditched her trusty clip-in extensions for this look. Since her natural hair falls below her shoulders, she has more than enough length to give it a flowing mermaid wave.

Cloud Nine are the hair sponsors of this year’s Love Island dressing room, so it’s likely Faye used the The Texture Wand, £99 here, to get her wavy style. Recently dumped contestant Lucinda Strafford was also apparently a fan of this styler, and often used it to create some of her best evening looks.

Twitter fans have spotted Faye also ditched her usual shade of neutral brown lipstick on Sunday night’s show, opting instead for a glossy pink hue.

"That hair and lip combo!" swoons one.

Another says: “Faye looks so lovely tonight with the pink gloss.”

A few users also theorise that Faye will return to her gelled hair and caramel lip colour for tonight’s episode when it all kicks off with Jake (we almost feel sorry for him!).

"When she slicks her hair back Jake better sleep with one eye open," jokes one user.

We’re loving seeing all of Faye’s different beauty looks in the villa, and can’t wait to see what hair and lip combo she experiments with next!

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