Love Islands Jake Cornishs war-inspired back tattoo and cryptic quote inkings

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Love Island star Jake Cornish has caused a stir on social media for his bold choice of tattoos.

The 24 year old water engineer, who angered fans after admitting doubts over Liberty Poole following their heart-to-heart, has divided viewers with his war-inspired back tattoo.

Jake gave a glimpse of his inking on his Instagram as he posed in white shorts during a sun-soaked pool party in Ibiza in 2019.

The intricate back tattoo covers his left shoulder blade and features three children pointing to Spitfires in the sky while the sun is seen breaking through the clouds.

Meanwhile the children are standing in a red poppy field which is a symbol of remembrance for the First World War.

Jake also revealed on Instagram that the tattoo is far from complete, commenting: “Got some tanks going there yet.”

Jake has previously posted tributes on his Instagram to remember the armed forces with one post showing an elderly man with his shadow reflected as a solider, captioned: "Once a solider, always a solider".

In March 2015 Jake also posted a tribute to his late grandfather, Michael Esmond Cornish, which could have provided the inspiration for his tattoos.

Jake also has a sleeve on his left arm which shows two iron gates along with a collection of inspirational quotes.

Underneath his arm, one quote reads: “Family…where life begins and love never ends.”

On his wrist, Jake has another cryptic quote, which reads: “Sometimes good things fall apart so better things can fit together”.

Jake also has a tattoo stretching from his left ankle up to his thigh and a gorilla inking on his right calf.

However, Twitter fans were left unsure of the war tattoo while some described how “great” it was.

One penned: “Can’t stop thinking about Jake’s Remembrance Day tattoos."

“I’ve never been as confused by anything the way I am Jake’s tattoos."

“Never ever watched Love Island. But what a great tattoo Jake. All gave some, some gave all.”

It comes after fans were left unimpressed when Jake broke wind during his seemingly romantic interaction with Liberty, farting just moments after they shared a kiss.

The pair were seen snuggled up together on a day bed as they had a heart to heart in the villa garden and talked about their coupling when Jake complimented Liberty's beautiful blue eyes.

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