Love Islands Mary Bedford shares which cosmetic procedures shes had in candid video

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Love Island's Mary Bedford has found fame in the villa, but she's already known to many of her followers through her YouTube.

Mary, who has been getting to know footballer Aaron Simpson, shares candid videos on the channel, where she opens up on her life and lets fans get a peek inside her beauty routines.

In one video, titled Get Ready With Me, the blonde beauty told her 20,000 plus subscribers which filler she'd had.

One fan asked: "What work have you had done, e.g. botox, facials, and so on," and Mary gave an honest reply, while doing her makeup.

"This is something I've never ever spoken about on Instagram just because I've never felt comfortable and obviously I am really young," she began.

"I'm not promoting at all for young people to get this, but I do feel like if you've got an insecurity you're best off just getting it fixed.

"I have had Botox – it's called a brow lift, so they do Botox into your eyebrow and it just lifts your brow a little bit.

"I have one side which is more droopy than the other side, so when I have it done I have it put in the side that's droopier. It's not obvious and people wouldn't notice it."

Mary told her fans she goes to someone name Look By Louise, adding: "I'm just telling you because she's the best. I want to speak on this topic so everyone's well informed and young girls will know where is trustworthy."

Mary added that people "need to consider and think before getting Botox."

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The 22 year old has also had lip filler, and admitted to getting 0.5ml in her lips, adding: "I had big lips anyway, and people have always asked me if I'd had lip filler.

"I didn't want anything to be noticeable and I went home to my mum and dad and they hadn't even noticed a change.

"I just wanted them a bit bigger and plumper, especially coming into summer where I don't wear much makeup at all."

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Mary advised her fans to research before getting anything done.

The stars chat comes after Botox experts revealed to OK! that girls are getting the treatment younger.

Dr Ioannis Liakas, who is the Medical Director at Vie Aesthetics, believes girls are getting cosmetic procedures such as Botox younger.

“Having these treatments early on as a consequence of succumbing to peer pressure and the ‘Selfie Culture’ can be a problem for a number of reasons,” he explained to OK! Online.

He continued: “Although Botox is thought of as the treatment of choice for middle-aged men and women concerned about fine lines and wrinkles, there is a noticeable increase in the number of a younger population seeking out injectables.”

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