Love it or List it with couple who were in ad during break is re-aired

Love it or List it viewers rage as episode featuring Meghan Markle lookalike who appeared in an ADVERT with her husband during the show’s break is re-aired

  • Sarah and Jabzz Mhlanga, from Cheshire, starred re-aired on Love it or List it
  • READ MORE: Love it or List it viewers fury as Cheshire family of ‘dodgy actors’ appear in an ADVERT during the break of the show they were starring in 

Angry viewers took to social media to complain after an episode of Love it or List it was re-aired last night – featuring a couple who’d appeared in an ad during the break of the first airing.

Cheshire couple cinematographer Jabzz Mhlanga and his actress wife Sarah, who previously worked as a Meghan Markle lookalike, were in an episode of the Channel 4 show that aired in February this year.

Viewers noticed that the couple appeared in a commercial during the advert break of the very episode they featured in – with one branding them ‘dodgy actors’.

During their episode, Jabzz and Sarah said they wanted more space and a second bathroom in their four bedroom home. Despite having a 45,000 budget to transform their property, and a £550,000 list it budget, they ultimately decided to stay in their home with some simple storage solutions which cost them £5,000. 

Viewers were critical of the couple after spotting them in the advert for Lookers, a car company.

Cinematographer Jabzz and his actress wife Sarah (both pictured while appearing on the show) were criticised by viewers after they were spotted in an advert that aired during one of the programme’s breaks

Angry viewers took to X (formerly Twitter) to note that they recognised the couple from their appearance the first time around

It also emerged that Meghan Markle lookalike Sarah has also appeared in the media on a number of occasions in the past, including giving interviews to This Morning and the Mail on Sunday, and once appeared on TOWIE.

Angry viewers were once again critical of the couple following the programme’s re-airing, with some taking to social media to comment on their appearance on the show.

One X (formerly Twitter) user said: ‘Good god not this family again. It’s all about getting more exposure for acting / ad / child modelling work. Sod all about the house really.’

Another added: ‘I wonder if tonight’s #LIOLI couple will appear in the ad break like they did when the episode was first aired?’

A third wrote: ‘AHH the bogus TV couple on #lioli remember the rage the first time around. Happier times.’

While another said: ‘Ah it was the ‘advert’ one as in why they where so ‘busy’ no money left neither.’

And a further X user added: ‘It’s these 2 again. That’s me with the off switch.’

When the couple appeared during the first airing of the show, some viewers were prompted to speculate that the show was trying to ‘dupe’ them.

Some viewers seemed angry that the episode had been re-aired, and commented on how they remembered the couple from the first time around

One commented: ‘Love the show but tonights was disappointing…dodgy acting family, absence of them genuinely wanting to spend the budget, staged conversations and no space for Brian…he could have that loft space for his guitars.’ 

Another wrote: ‘Knew there was something dodgy about tonight’s family?! Feel mugged right off, they had no intention of spending money on love it.’

A third added: ‘If ever there was unserious couple it’s these two.’ 

The couple explained how they met in church and married in 2012, and now have two children, Josiah and Mimi-Rae.

While Jabzz works in the film industry, Sarah has also worked as a lookalike for the Duchess of Sussex. 

It was previously reported she was the leading Meghan lookalike in the country, and could earn up to £400 for a few hours’ work, although she now longer impersonates the Duchess.

In 2019, it was reported she was also occupation director at a performing arts school. 

The couple also have a strong social media following, with more than 101k followers on TikTok, where they often share playful videos with one another. 

During the episode,  the couple insisted finding a home which was close to good schools was top of their priority list.

Jabzz said: ‘When we moved here, we saw the house and we thought – there’s a lot we could do it to make it our home.’

Many of those watching accused the family of being ‘dodgy actors’ and questioned if the programme had been staged 

In the last five years, they’ve  removed a wall to create a modern kitchen diner, installed bifold doors and tidied up the garden to create a family friendly space.

But because the living space was completely open plan, it often felt cluttered. 

Sarah said: ‘This house isn’t working for us anymore, clothes appear everywhere and we desperately need a second bathroom.’

Jabzz said he loves the house, adding: ‘I think our money is better spent improving what we already have.

‘I do agree there are issues with the house, we need more storage and a second bathroom.’ 

Sarah and Jabzz also had a separate sitting room at the front of the house, which had recently become Josiah’s gaming room and office. 

On the third floor, there were three bedrooms, while there was a fourth bedroom in the loft. 

Meanwhile Sarah promoted her appearance on the show to her 11k Instagram followers, posting a behind-the-scenes snap from filming

The couple said they had a budget of £45,000 to renovate the house to make it work for the family, as well as a List It budget of £550,000 to find a new home better suited for their busy lives.  

Kirstie sat down with the couple, telling them there ‘wasn’t enough space for stuff’, adding: ‘It’s not practical. We want to make the most of this beautiful kitchen you spent a lot of money on, but a lot of this job is carpentry.’ 

Kirstie proposed a small extension to the side of the house with a utility and WC – and if the family decided to stay further, they could add an extra office for Jabzz.

Meanwhile upstairs, she suggested the family add in simple storage solutions. 

She said: ‘This house, with the right storage, could be a revelation.’

Meanwhile Phil showed the couple their first property in the hunt – a charming four-bedroom semi less than 20 minutes from the children’s schools.

On the market for offers for £450,000, it was 23 per cent bigger than their current home.

The couple explained how they met in church and married in 2012, before moving into their home in 2017 (pictured) 

However Jabzz and Sarah both confessed they felt the home had become impractical for them and didn’t have enough storage (pictured, the office space) 

The open plan extension which they added to the back of the home also often felt cluttered and poorly utilised 

Meanwhile an attic bedroom was difficult to use due to a steep set of stairs leading up to it (pictured) 

Sarah said it had ‘curb appeal’, saying it looked ‘lovely.’ 

Meanwhile inside, there was a country style kitchen and conservatory and family room. 

Upstairs there were four good sized bedrooms, with plenty of storage space. 

Sarah said: ‘I love the conservatory and the garden, I can’t help but love the garden.’

Four months after they first met Kirstie and Phil, the couple set about adding further storage solutions to their home, with a tight budget of £10,000.

Jabzz said: ‘When Kirstie first came round, she mentioned the main issue we had was storage. So we’re going with her idea of having more storage in the house.’ 

The first stunning property which Phil showed the couple was £100,000 less than their £550,000 budget – but it did need modernisation 

While Sarah said it looked ‘lovely’, the rooms were small and dingy, with the couple confessing it needed renovations made

Meanwhile it also had a country-style kitchen which looked out onto a family garden – but Sarah and Jabzz were unsure 

Phil’s second offering was slightly further from home, but he said he wanted  to show the couple what they could get for their money by widening their search by a few miles.

The detached four-bedroom home was on the market for £500,000 and offered almost 30 per cent more space than what they had at home.

Sarah said she felt the property was a ‘dream house’, but Jabzz pointed out a number of flaws – including the smaller garden and the location. 

The final property Phil showed the couple was a five bedroom property which they said seemed ‘very big.’

The house was on the market for £550,000 and almost 50 per cent bigger than their own space – with all the living space they were after.

The second property shown to the couple by Phil was a detached home which had been newly renovated 

The detached four-bedroom home was on the market for £500,000 and offered almost 30 per cent more space than what they had at home

However they didn’t like the size of the garden, and how much modernising was needed in the property. 

Seven months after Kirstie and Phil first met the couple, they returned to see the changes to their home. 

The couple had added a wall of storage into the extension to provide them with somewhere to hide away their mess – spending just £1,200 on the custom built units. 

And upstairs, they put in some more built in flat-pack wardrobes. 

After scaling back on their original costs, they only spent around £5,000 on carpentry and a bit of decorating.   

And at the end of the programme, the couple said they were planning to ‘list it’ – but weren’t in a rush. 

The final property Phil showed the couple was a five bedroom property which they said seemed ‘very big’

The house was on the market for £550,000 and almost 50 per cent bigger than their own space – with all the living space they were after

Sarah said: ‘We love the house as it is now, we have to find the dream house in the right location.’

Jabzz said: ‘Our kids are getting bigger, we definitely need more space.’

However many viewers were baffled, and even questioned the couple’s sincerity, when they spotted the family appearing in an advert for Lookers during one of the breaks from the show. 

Meanwhile Kirstie even acknowledged that the couple would be appearing in the advert break, tweeting: ‘Oops! Our lovely family from this week’s Love it or List It in Cheshire have recently appeared in an ad!

‘And guess what….? It’s gone into our ad break, what are the chances?!’



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