Man became 'instantly' sick after eating half of a KFC burger

Man discovers his KFC Zinger burger is ‘RAW’ in the middle after noticing it tasted ‘crunchier’ than usual – and says it made him feel ‘instantly sick’

  • Brandon Jones, 22, from Telford, blasted KFC for selling an ‘uncooked’ burger
  • He said he purchased the takeaway meal at KFC Madeley in Telford, Shropshire 
  • Explained that staff were reluctant to help when he complained about the meal 

A man who became unwell after eating an uncooked burger from a popular fast food chain has blasted the outlet’s response to his complaint.

Brandon Jones, 22, who lives in Telford, Shropshire, claimed he purchased the Zinger burger from KFC and was halfway through the meal when he realised the meal was ‘more crunchy than usual’.  

After turning on the light, Brandon said he realised the chicken appeared to be ‘uncooked and completely pink’, making him instantly sick.  

The 22-year-old went on to claim he experienced difficulties in raising a complaint with KFC and said he hasn’t had a response almost 24 hours after initially contacting them. 

Mail Online contacted KFC for comment.  

Brandon Jones, 22, who lives in Telford, Shropshire, has blasted KFC for serving him an ‘uncooked’ Zinger burger (pictured)

Brandon, who purchased a KFC Zinger burger yesterday evening, said he tried to raise concerns about his takeaway at the restaurant that he ordered from but a manger said they couldn’t help.  

He explained: ‘After eating half of the zinger burger (in the dark), I realised the chicken was more crunchy than usual, so I turned my light on.

‘To my surprise, the chicken was uncooked and completely pink. It instantly made me physically sick.’

He continued: ‘I contacted KFC via phone and the manager told me they can’t do anything without seeing the food.

Brandon (pictured) said he had eaten half of his meal in the dark, when he turned on the light to see why it tasted ‘more crunchy than usual’ 

Brandon claims staff at the store he purchased his takeaway (pictured) refused to resolve the situation and he has had difficulties contacting a representative by phone 

‘I drove down and showed it to one of their staff members, and the manager and they were completely shocked.

‘The manager said they can’t deal with it there so she gave me a number for the ‘”customer care team”.’

He continued: ‘The number didn’t even work, she gave me an old number, so I took it upon myself to use their live chat function.

‘I was then told it has to be dealt with by the senior care team and they’re email only.’

Brandon claimed KFC provided the wrong information to make a complaint more than once and almost 24 hours since his purchase, the issue still hasn’t be resolved. 

Brandon’s complaint follows KFC’s recent decision to pause use of their classic Finger Lickin’ Good slogan. Pictured: The Zinger Stacker burger

He explained: ‘They gave me an incorrect email due to a ‘typo’ after waiting to chat to someone for an hour on live chat.

‘I finally emailed the care team direct and I’m currently awaiting a reply from them.’

The complaint comes a month after KFC made a statement announcing they will temporarily stop using their classic Finger Lickin’ Good slogan after 64 years amid the ongoing pandemic.

The restaurant chain have now reopened the majority of their stores with additional health and safety policies in place, following their closure during the lockdown in March.

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