Man refused entry into gym because of giant water bottle causing safety issue

A man was left fuming after being kicked out of a gym for carrying a half gallon water bottle.

The Planet Fitness member was stopped by staff as he tried to enter the gym in Shelbyville, Kentucky in the US.

He filmed the confrontation while arguing with the gym representatives and the video has now gone viral on social media.

The three-minute-clip was first posted to YouTube in 2019 but has since gone viral after re-emerging on Reddit last week.

It shows the gym-goer firing questions at a female staff, asking for a written policy over the questionable rule.

"Where in the policy says you can't have a bottle?" he asks, to which the woman in Planet Fitness uniform answers: "I think each Planet Fitness is different and each Planet Fitness can come up with their own rules and that is my general manager's rules, so I have to stick by her rules."

Baffled by the unclear terms, the man continues: "You have it nowhere I can see it, it's just an arbitrary rule that you just pull it out of air that you don't have it posted anywhere in the gym.

"You just come up with a rule that nobody knows about."

"That is correct," says the staff, adding that everybody come to the gym "knows the rule".

The man then pans the camera to show the giant water bottle in his hand and claims he had taken the same water bottle into other Planet Fitness gyms and had "no issues".

He adds: "I'm in here, at Planet Fitness, with this bottle, and she does not want to allow me to work out because she said my bottle would not fit into her cup holder, which I go to multiple Planet Fitnesses and never have issues.

"She cannot provide me with any written documentation, showing me that that is part of the policy, nor is it posted anywhere in the gym."

A spokeswoman for Planet Fitness told Daily Star: "For the safety of all employees, members and guests, water bottles should fit in cup holders and are not allowed on the club floor and should be kept out of aisles and walk ways."

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