Marion Bartoli shows off new blonde locks at SW19

Love all! Wimbledon favourite Marion Bartoli glows with health three years after mystery virus left her shockingly frail – as she goes public with new football star beau

  • French tennis star Marion Bartoli, 34, is cutting a glamorous figure at SW19 
  • The former Wimbledon winner is dating Belgian football star Boumediene Yahya 
  • On Instagram, she’s sharing photos of the couple’s experience at Wimbledon  
  • In 2016, Bartoli’s weight plummeted after she contracted a virus and she was deemed so frail she was barred from playing in a doubles match by doctors
  • Bartoli has previously revealed how an ex boyfriend pushed her to lose weight 

Wimbledon favourite Marion Bartoli is looking a picture of health at this year’s tournament – wowing fans with a dramatic new look and a new boyfriend. 

The one-time winner, who held the trophy aloft in 2013, appeared on BBC Two’s SW19 highlights show revealing she’s swapped her brunette locks for a flowing platinum-blonde look.

The star is cutting a glamorous figure at SW19 and has been spotted touring the All England Club with her new boyfriend, Belgian football star Boumediene Yahya.

After watching Bartoli, who was banned from playing a doubles match in 2016 following a dramatic health scare that left her shockingly frail, fans have said they are delighted to see her looking so well again. 

The tennis star went public with her new romance last month and Bartoli has already called the striker the ‘love of my life’.  

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Love-all: Wimbledon fans say they’re delighted at how happy one-time winner Marion Bartoli seems at this year’s tournament. The 34-year-old, who’s dating Belgian football star Boumediene Yahya, looks back to full health following the 2016 health scare that threatened her life

At the tournament three years ago, Bartoli was stopped from playing in the invitational doubles after she dramatically lost weight. She says she was spurred on to diet after a boyfriend called her ‘fat every day’ but then she contracted a virus that led to further weight loss and her life was deemed at risk by doctors

Love-all: The former tennis star is deeply in love with Belgian football star Boumediene Yahya, who is with her at this year’s tournament (Pictured: An Instagram photo of Bartoli and her beau, with the French word ‘manques’ meaning ‘missing you’)

After Bartoli appeared alongside US tennis legend Tracey Austin and presenter Clare Balding, all of whom were in various shades of pink or purple, Twitter was awash with positive comments. 

@claremcdean penned: ‘Yay! Marion Bartloi is back on the Wimbledon highlights show.’ 

@BigFreeEagle added: ‘Marion Bartoli continues to stick it in the eye to John Inverdale. #SeriouslyHot #Wimbledon’. 

The tweet referenced sports presenter Inverdale’s negative comments about Bartoli in 2013, he was criticised for saying Bartoli was ‘never going to be a looker’. 

Bartoli has been showing her beau, Belgian football star Boumediene Yahya, 29, around SW19, posting photos of the couple together and calling him the love of her life. 

The couple, pictured in Dubai, went public with their relationship in June, sending the French media into a frenzy

One fan wrote that Bartoli continues to ‘stick it in the eye to John Inverdale’ referencing sports presenter John Inverdale’s negative comments about Bartoli in 2013, when he was criticised for saying Bartoli was ‘never going to be a looker’.

Enjoying the official tour: striker Boumediene Yahya points out Bartoli’s name on the hallowed Wimbledon board of Ladies singles winners

On Twitter, she wrote this week: ‘Today I am so happy that you are by my side and be able to share this extremely special day with you my love. I love you@yahya_boumediene #Wimbledon2019’ 

In 2016, Bartoli began losing weight, revealing an ex-boyfriend called her ‘fat every day’.

The French sportswoman told how the torment caused her to lose ‘a lot’ of weight, pushing her to the point where she was barred from playing in an invitational event at Wimbledon in 2016 over health concerns.

Bartoli, who quit tennis weeks after winning her maiden grand slam title at Wimbledon in 2013, later contracted a mystery virus that led to further weight loss, prompting concerned fans to question whether she had anorexia. 

Speaking to French sports daily L´Equipe, Bartoli described how she was the ‘happiest in the world’ in the months after her retirement but met her ex the following year.

‘I met my ex boyfriend in May 2014 and everyday he woud tell me that I was fat. Every day,’ she said. ‘He would see a thin girl on the street and tell me: “See how skinny and pretty she is”.’

Bartoli told how the man ‘made her leave a hellish life’ and spurred her into losing ‘a lot of weight’. 

The problem was exacerbated when Bartoli contracted a mystery virus which she says entered her blood stream on a trip to India.

It triggered dramatic weight loss which worried fans interpreted as anorexia, and they took to social media in droves to voice their concerns for the athlete.

Speaking on This Morning in July last year, Bartoli revealed how she struggled to cope with the misconception, telling co-hosts Phillip Schofield and Holly Willoughby: ‘Knowing… how much I love life, you would know that’s not possible for me.’

2017: Marion Bartoli has spoken out about how an ex-boyfriend pushed her to lose weight

The physical side effects of her virus were frightening, with the star’s hair falling out when she brushed it. ‘My teeth were on the brink of falling out,’ she added.

Bartoli, who was the 2007 runner up before winning Wimbledon in 2013, said the illness can ‘absolutely come back’.

She has turned her hand to TV punditry and fashion design during her retirement but is now preparing for a return to the court.   

Speaking to L’Equipe, she revealed she is planning to compete in March in Miami if she is in shape. 

‘I want to prove to myself that I am alive. If I come back, it is to try and play big matches on big courts and feel those emotions again,’ she said.

‘I obviously need to lose weight, between five and seven kilos. I will not go back on court if I´m not at my optimum weight.’


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