Married At First Sight UK viewers stunned by Peggys huge Tudor home with bizarre features

Married at First Sight UK viewers were left stunned by Peggy Rose’s lavish family home as they spotted bizarre details.

During Monday night’s episode (6 November), the couples invited their partners to experience their real lives away from the show.

Peggy invited George to her parents' huge property, with those watching taken aback by the strange mixture of décor, which included old-fashioned antique furniture mixed with sparkly pieces.

Others were also quick to liken the mansion to a ‘Tudor house’ or Downton Abbey.

One person took to X, formerly known as Twitter, to voice their opinion, saying: "One question….WFH is Peggy's house all about?”

Another added: “Does Peggy live in a Tudor house? No seriously, half expected to see the ghost of Elizabeth I shaking her head in disapproval.”

Noticing a half-naked mannequin in the home, a third quipped: “What is that weird-ass scantily clad Mannequin in Peggy's room?!”

While a fourth chimed in: “Peggy's Mam and Dad deffo vote against children having free school meals, state of that house looks like Downton Abbey”.

“I'm not being funny, but Peggy and her family are so old school I doubt they have Wi-Fi in their house,” another remarked.

Others likened the home to a castle, with one saying: “She’s not a princess despite living in the castle. Run fast Georges if you can find your way out of that house.”

It comes as Peggy decided to make a drastic career change since leaving the show.

The 32-year-old has made a huge change to her working life and revealed that since filming MAFS, she's decided to quit her career as a Technology Risk Partner as the job was making her unwell.

Speaking to OK! in an exclusive interview, Peggy said that the show made her rethink her profession. "My old job was making me ill. I hadn’t had a period in four years because of stress with my job.

"It’s hard, and you get comments online like, ‘She looks pregnant,’ and I’m like, ‘I would love to be pregnant because I don’t know if I can have children at the moment, you know?’” she said.

She's since set up her own business, pursuing her passion for fashion. "I'm a reseller of unique clothes. It's called Off the Peg Boutique because when I was bridal dress shopping, I'm tall and the only dresses I could find were off the peg.

"I only had four weeks to choose a dress and all size 12s were for a standard height of 5 foot 7," she said.

"It's Married at First Sight that actually enabled me to do something I'm happy with because I absolutely loved the process. I loved the experience, and I thought I haven't been this happy since probably moving school."

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