Martin Lewis explains how to double your broadband speed for half the price

Martin Lewis has shared tips to viewers on saving money for broadband service while enjoying twice the speed.

He said nine million people in England are out of contract for their broadband and are overpaying every year.

The most typical fibre broadband and line rental is between £30 to £55 per month – which is about £360 or £600 per year.

Giving tips on ITV's Martin Lewis Money Show yesterday (November 26), the Money Saving Expert founder said there is a way to double the broadband speed for just paying half the price.

One way to keep the cost low is to get the broadband and line rental package, rather than the broadband only deal.

Martin said: "Before you switch to another company, you may be able to haggle with your existing provider.

"All the firms will tell you the cheapest deals they'll offer you at renewal.

"The key is it doesn't include the promotions available to new customers. But generally, if you're out of contract, use the deals I'm about to show you.

"The super-cheap ones and use those as a benchmark to go to your existing provider and say 'Will you match it?'"

He added: "If they say no, tell them you want to leave, you get put through to disconnections and that's where they have the real power to haggle with you and offer you more."

Haggle success rates for Sky, BT, TalkTalk and virgin were all over 75%, meaning every three out of four people managed to get a better deal, Martin confirmed.

For new customers, the guru worked out some of the best broadband deals via various comparison sites.

Shell Energy is offering £15 a month for a 1-year contract of 35Mb and £17.5 a month for 63Mb, if it's over two years.

Vodafone is offering £18.4 a month for 63Mb over two years.

If you prefer to stay in one company slightly shorter, you can get a faster speed of 108Mb at Virgin for the same price.

BT, which is the most popular choice, gives a two-year contract of £19.9 per month for 50Mb.

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