McDonalds fans gobsmacked to see difference of cooking folded and round eggs

A McDonald's worker showed fast food fan the two different types of eggs used in the restaurant, leaving some questioned: "Not all eggs are fresh?"

The worker, from US, revealed the behind-the-scenes in the kitchen as he made both folded eggs and round eggs.

He said: "So I'm gonna show you the difference between our folded egg and our round egg. Folded egg come pre-cooked, they're not this yellow in real life, I don't know why they're this yellow in my camera.

"All we do we just throw them on the grill and we just arrange them neatly, put a little water in there and then cook them.

"They come up, we just scoop them into a tray and that's it for the folded egg.

"These are the round eggs, so they're cooked fresh every day, aka cracked fresh.

"I did forget to butter the grill surface here so they're going to stick a little bit and then we pop all the yolks.

"Pour some water in the top so that steams the yolks and the egg. We pull them out of the ring moulds and scoop them up with the same egg tool and that's it."

Many fast food fans said they will now "only order round eggs" after realising that it's made from scratch.

The worker pointed out that the folded eggs are usually used in the McGriddle.

One said: "Of course I'm the type that's been preferring the not-fresh egg type all these years."

"Always substitute for round eggs at McDonald's," another wrote. "The folded eggs have the weirdest texture to me."

Some said they cook differently in their country.

"In the UK the folded egg comes in a carton that they cook fresh daily," a fellow worker said.

A second added: "Well, in Poland both types are made of fresh eggs."

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