Model with 55-inch bum only wears leggings – as behinds too big for jeans

A curvy OnlyFans model says she only ever wears leggings because her 55-inch bum makes it nearly impossible to fit into jeans.

Steph Orshiri regularly posts on social media, under the username @stephoshirii, about having a huge backside – including using it as a place to stash bottles of booze to sneak them into concerts.

But while there are some benefits to her huge rear end – there are also some major drawbacks, including struggling to find clothes that fit.

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In a video, which has gained more than 1,900 likes, Steph was seen replying to a comment from a fan who asked: "How do you get in jeans?"

So, the model decided to demonstrate by pulling on a pair to show the struggle she faces and why it's so much easier for her to wear leggings every day.

In the clip, she said: "This is a great question – so I don't just wear leggings because I think they look good, I wear them because they are so much easier to put on.

"I'll demonstrate how I put them on because it's always a struggle."

She then proceeds to put her legs in and declares it is "easy until we get to this part [her bum] and then it's game over".

The 28-year-old model then makes sure both of her feet are fully out of the bottom of the jeans before she proceeds to jump and pull them up to force the denim over the top of her big bum.

She then pulls the remainder of the material over the side of her hips as she said it was "harder than usual".

But once they were on, she turned to show her bum in the figure-hugging pair of jeans – leaving TikTok fans stunned by her curvy shape.

One user said: "I could watch that all day."

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Another added: "You look great in the jeans x."

A third commented: "You look good in jeans."

However, other women took to the comments demanding to know where she bought the jeans as they "have the same problem".

A social media user wrote: "I also have this problem but it’s hard to even find jeans that fit your waist when you have a big butt LOL."


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