Mormon mum becomes online mistress to religious husbands who crave virtual sex

A Mormon mum who was "shunned" by the church after they discovered her OnlyFans has found a new venture.

Holly Jane, 39, has been part of the religious group for years which has very strict rules, including no sex outside of marriage.

But the single mum-of-four, who has 61,500 Instagram followers, doesn't let the restrictions stand in the way of her saucy OnlyFans career.

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And recently, Holly, from California, US, revealed a fellow churchgoer "snitched" on her antics to their local bishop who told her to choose nudes or the church.

Now she cashes in as a "Mormon mistress" on her kinky OnlyFans page where religious lads are paying for virtual sex.

She told "I'm knackered. I'm having virtual sex with these men at least three times a day."

Holly believes she's popular with religious men, particularly Mormons, because they are naive about sex before marriage.

The mum added: "I think with people in the Mormon church, they marry young and follow the rules. Sex isn't really spoken about and men often have an uncomfortable relationship with it.

"They have this idea of what having a wife will be like, and when their sex lives aren't what they expected, they come to me. That's why I'm getting so many married religious men secretly signing up to my account."

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Holly, who calls herself their "online mistress", also has non-religious people who view being a Mormon as a kink or fetish.

Although she has thousands of fans globally, Holly talks to "20 dedicated regulars" on a daily basis with some married or Mormon, while others are Catholic.

She calls herself the "Mormon mistress dream" as some fans ask her to dress in her Sunday church attire for the videos which "adds to the whole forbidden vibes".

But keeping men entertained all day means Holly has little time for a dating life.

She admitted: "I don't really have time to find a partner as I'm doing this constantly, all day, every day. The married men tell me their partner isn't putting out anymore, and that's where I come in. In a way, they are cheating, but virtually."

Holly said her late husband, Stephen, who tragically passed away back in 2017, when he was just 31 years old, would have approved of her choices.

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