Mother, 26, shares weight loss journey after losing 7 stone in 2 years

I couldn’t afford a gym membership so I started working out with my children as weights – and now I’ve lost 7st

  • Cassie Morrison, 26, dropped from 17 stone to 10 stone in the space of two years
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A mother-of-two has shared the secrets to her weight loss success after dropping a whopping 7 stone by ditching her 5,000 calorie diet and involving her children into her home workouts.

Cassie Morrison, 26, from Hull, put in consistent effort to shed the pounds by swapping her unhealthy diet for lean protein products and incorporating her toddlers into a range of workouts, including squats, shoulder presses, planks and arm curling.

With the combination of lifting the kids and following a healthy diet, Cassie’s weight dropped from 17 stone to 10 stone in the space of two years – and she’s now a size 10.

Cassie, wo has saved an estimated £1,000 on gym membership, said: ‘Exercise with the kids helped me so much. I could never afford proper weights, but I really wanted to put in the effort and lose the weight so using my kids was the next best thing. I’ve always done it.’

The mother-of-two has struggled with her weight all her life, and explained that she was always bigger than average.

Cassie Morrison, 26, from Hull now weighs 10 stone and wears size 10 clothing after overhauling her diet 

She uses her young children home workouts, including squats, shoulder presses, planks and arm curling

Cassie Morrison, 26, weighing 17 stone before her weight loss journey

Although she said her meal plan wasn’t particularly bad, she would still binge on around 5,000 worth of snacks and junk food every day.

But when she hit size 26, she couldn’t stand the sight of herself in the mirror.

After going on holiday and not even being able to have her photo taken without feeling embarrassed, she decided enough was enough.

The mother-of-two began her weight loss journey with no money for the gym, so she decided to get creative with her exercises.

Her children, Rubie, two, and Broden, four, have been essential to her incredible weight loss and muscle building journey.

As she progressed, Cassie was able to increase her workouts, with five-minute sessions on each area of the body, and installed a pole in her garage to teach herself pole fitness.

The 26-year-old has managed to work her way down to a size 10 and hopes she will soon be able to squeeze into a smaller size.

Cassie is pictured at her heaviest – 17 stone – two years ago

Before her weight loss journey, Cassie wore size 26 clothing

She took photographs at every stage of her journey 

The mother-of-two from Hull has worked hard to lose weight

Cassie is now a healthy size 10, who is happy to have her photo taken

She uses her children as weights during a range of exercises, including squats

She said: ‘My kids love that I include them in workouts. They love to join in, so we do this a few times a week.

‘We’ve been doing this since Rubie was 10-months-old, it’s been the most exciting and strange part of my journey for sure.

‘I tried every diet in the book but working this into my exercise routine as well as a 1,500 calorie deficit really stuck with me.

‘My weight was out of control – I was constantly gaining weight and I wouldn’t want my pictures taken and I wouldn’t even take my son swimming.

‘People underestimate how helpful coming up with unique workouts is and how much you can actually do at home.

‘On the diet side of it, I still try to eat as well as I can but it’s not the end of the world if I’m not having a protein shake for breakfast every day because it’s still better than how I used to eat. 

As she progressed, Cassie was able to increase her workouts, with five-minute sessions on each area of the body

Cassie was a curvaceous size 24 when her fitness journey began

She now weighs 10 stone and wears size 10 clothing 

Cassie’s diet before 

Breakfast: Sausage baguette, four to six slices of toast, chocolate

Lunch: A binge of junk food, typically consisting of 5,000 calories

Dinner: Anything fried, usually pizza and chips

Cassie’s diet after

Breakfast: Protein shake and a cereal bar

Lunch: Chicken wrap, salad or a sandwich

Dinner: Spaghetti, lasagne, pizza or a burger

‘I would binge eat nearly every day – I’d eat share size packs of crisps, chocolate, biscuits and ice cream in one sitting, it would easily come to about 5,000 calories just from snacks.

‘When I became pregnant with my second child, I felt like giving up. I was already a size 26 at this point and just felt like I wouldn’t be able to lose any more weight again.

‘By doing everything at home, I was able to just go at my own pace, which was so helpful because there was no pressure to do things a certain way.

‘When I was bigger, I couldn’t even walk to my parents’ house without feeling like I couldn’t breathe and having heart palpitations, and they only live 10 minutes away, which wasn’t any way to live.

‘The only thing I want to do next is tone up and build some muscle, just to look good and feel good about myself completely.

‘The kids will definitely still be used as weights to get me there!’

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