Mum left red-faced as 4-year-old daughter makes booby sculpture at nursery

A cheeky little girl left nursery teachers in stitches and her mum mortified after making a "booby sculpture" in class.

Vicky Bury, 42, found out about four-year-old Robyn's curvy creation in her end-of-year report and heard it "made all the staff laugh".

Vicky, from Darwen, Lancashire, admitted she was left red-faced at first.

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Speaking exclusively to Daily Star, the mum of one said: "Robyn told staff it was a booby. I was a little embarrassed, but the nursery staff all found it funny so we just laughed in the end.

"Robyn has always been a little comedian and she's always making us chuckle."

Robyn had used cutters and other play tools to complete the design in minutes during a free play session.

Staff wrote in the observation column of the report: "Robyn was very pleased with her 'booby sculpture' that she made out of playdough."

Vicky, a support worker, said that, at first, she had "no idea" how her daughter came to pick the subject of her sculpture.

But she then remembered Robyn had been playing with a stress ball in the shape of a naked breast in the days prior.

The mum continued: "Someone in the family was given a boob stress ball as a joke present and she had started to play with it at home. Nothing like that had happened before.

"I will keep the photo for when she is older and then I can embarrass her with it."


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