Mum terrified after seeing children ‘not fully strapped in’ on Hull Fair ride

A mum claims she was terrified after her children were "not strapped in properly" when they went on an upside-down ride at Hull Fair.

Liz McCollin said daughter Jessica, 13, and son Joshua, 12, were not properly secured when they went on the 40 metre Vertigo ride.

The same evening, Monday, a 21-year-old woman was flung from another ride , Airmax 360 at the fair.

Liz told Hull Live that she and husband Kev, 56, believed neither of their children's seat belts had been properly fastened.

The 44-year-old mum claims she heard a "clanking" sound as the pendulum swung over their heads, and believes this was their children's seatbelts.

She said: "I was filming it to show my mum, and every time they went past I could hear his clanking sound.

"I said to my husband 'can you hear a clicking when they go past' and, his face, he just said 'it's the belts, they're dangling down', and I was like 'oh my god.'

"As soon as we realised that the safety belts were hanging loose and had not been clipped in we ran over to confront the staff and it was as the ride was stopping.

"He [Kev] confronted him [the fairground worker] and grabbed the clips and he [the fairground worker] denied it and said 'we've just undone them.' He was waving his arms about and denying it.

"We were both shaking, it was so scary. I just wanted them off and to be safe."

Although the ride has an over the shoulder restraint, the seatbelt is designed to keep the bar in place when the ride is moving.

Mrs McCollin said her son Josh had told her he realised his belt was not fastened when he saw it spin between his legs, but he was unable to reach for it because the ride had already started.

The mum said she is speaking out to warn other parents, and she has also emailed the Health and Safety Executive to report the incident.

She also believed the concerns of her and her husband were not taken seriously by the staff operating the ride after she reported it to the cashier.

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