Mum’s fury at man on mobility scooter who ‘ran over son, 2, like garbage’

A young mum said she was left shaking after her two-year-old son was run over by a man on a mobility scooter.

Rhiana Saxton, 23, says toddler Jaxon was almost killed in the crash after he was knocked down on Wednesday afternoon.

She had been walking a step behind her son along Pasture Road in Goole, Hull, before claiming he was pushed down by the man's vehicle.

The mum-of-two says despite completely flattening the child and nearly running over his head the pensioner didn't stop and carried on his journey like it had never happened.

Rhiana says the incident has traumatised her young son who is suffering from night terrors and has left her with deep anxiety, reports Hull Live .

"It all happened so fast, I just couldn't believe it – he kept on trying to go forward until Jaxon fell over," said Rhiana. "If he had kept driving it and it went over his head, Jaxon could have died."

Rhiana, who only lives around the corner from where Jaxon was hit by the scooter, had been walking with her young son at around 3pm to pick up her eldest son, eight-year-old Finlay, from Boothferry Primary School.

She says Jaxon had been walking just a step in front of her before the man rammed into his legs three times before he tripped up and his head was almost fully underneath the wheel before his mum Rhiana intervened and dragged him to safety.

She says the mobility scooter driver then drove off without apologising.

She said: "He ran Jaxon over like he was a piece of garbage – the elderly man didn't try and stop and just ran into him. He fell to the floor like he was nothing.

"It all happened so quickly, I just had to grab him really quick before the man drove over his head. Jaxon was screaming, he's been traumatised by it and woke up thinking the mobility scooter was going to get him."

Rhiana says if she hadn't stepped in harm's way then it "could have been a lot worse".  She said: "He hasn't apologised for doing it.

"He admitted running him over and still didn't apologise.

"I was shocked and upset and was shaking. My anxiety is really bad and my back problems is really bad now.

"He could have gone round us – he just didn't care. He was running over a child and he didn't care or stop.

"Jaxon was screaming his head off. It could have been more serious, but he's only got bruises.

"He was prematurely born so he has breathing difficulties as it is and it brought on his asthma."

Rhiana has since called the police and reported the incident to officers. She claims they told her they will go visit the man. She said: "The police said they would speak to him. I just don't want it to happen to anyone else. He doesn't care for anyone."

A spokesman for Humberside Police said: "We received a report of an accident involving a man on a mobility scooter and a toddler on Marlborough Avenue in Goole on Wednesday, June 26.

"The toddler sustained minor injuries after the scooter collided with him around 3pm. Officers spoke with the parents of the child to offer advice. We also looked at what CCTV footage there might be in the area.

"We have now identified the man on the scooter and officers will be contacting him to also provide advice about his future conduct, and about being more aware of others while using his scooter. No crimes were committed."

Anyone with information should call Humberside Police on 101, quoting log 371 of June 26.

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