Mum’s terror after finding false widow spider in Essex flat

An Essex mum is warning parents to be on their guard after she found a false widow spider lurking in her living room.

The woman, who doesn't want to be named, believes this is the first time that this type of spider has been sighted in Laindon, Basildon.

The mum, who has two children aged two and 11, told Essex Live she immediately knew something was amiss as it "looked really different".

"It was really difficult to catch," she said.

"I found out it was a false widow and I didn't know what to do with it."

Terrified, she said she then called the landlord to see whether someone could come and collect it but was told it's 'her problem.'

She added: "They said that as it is in our flat it is our problem.

"I asked them whether they could notify the other residents but it was dismissed.

"I have not heard anything about them being in Basildon before."

Cited as Britain’s most venomous spider, the false widow has a bad reputation.

The arachnids are heading indoors to mate and will now be increasingly seen coming into contact with humans.

The species, also known as steatoda nobilis, usually has an overall size of 20mm and is characterised by a dark brown colour and a bulbous abdomen.

Adult female false widow spiders are known to have bitten humans, although they are not usually aggressive. Attacks on people are rare, and there are no reported UK deaths.

Symptoms of a bite can range from a numb sensation to severe swelling and discomfort.

In serious cases there can be various levels of burning or chest pains, which will depend on the amount of venom injected.

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